Canadian Samsung Galaxy S6 Prices vs Apple iPhone 6 [CHART]


For those looking to decide on the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus versus Samsung’s latest Galaxy S6 and 6 Edge, outright pricing for the latter has been revealed by Videotron. Check them out below (prices in CAD):

Galaxy s6 pricing vs iphone 6

Yes, Apple should have started their entry model with 32 GB instead of 16 GB.

As for 2-year contract pricing, that depends on carrier minimum monthly plan requirements. Looking at Videotron, the Galaxy S6 will start at $249.95 and S6 Edge at $349.95 on $84.95 plans; iPhone 6 starts $244.95 and the 6 Plus at $354.95, both on their $84.95 per month plans.

The Galaxy S6 Edge has a $110 price premium over the Galaxy S6—is that worth it for a curved edge screen?

Pocket Now has a quick hands-on breakdown of the Galaxy S6 versus iPhone 6:


  • ShaBi

    $110 for a curved edge with no real benefits….. No thanks.

  • J.W

    The Phone come “Pre Bent” so you don’t have to do it yourself!

  • LOL!

  • CanucksGoals

    To me, that’s a deal right there! Who doesn’t want a pre bent phone?

  • John

    I’m guessing you are too cynical to buy apple products, either, then. So much puffery with so few actual benefits.

    At least those curved edges make the phone beautiful! Which is something I did not expect after seeing the note edge.

    Symmetric curves absolute rock, where the one-sided curve was a little awkward.

  • ShaBi

    Correct! I only have an iPhone and iPad mini 2 (collecting dust at the moment). But I’m more logical then cynical. And to me, the iPhone is worth my money. Value of anything is different in everyone’s eyes.

    Symmetric curves does look better than one-sided curve.

  • Jen H

    It annoys me that all the comments I have seen about this phone have been comparing it to Apple. Can we just stop the argument for a moment and admire the new technology being introduced? It’s hard enough trying to build a phone, forget the marketing part, and the design to make all components fit AND making them work hand in hand. None of you would like it if someone was constantly bashing your products either.

    On a more personal note, my current LG is ready to retire with its boatload of problems. I’m all in for the S6.

  • FragilityG4

    For years we’ve had fAndroids come on to our board here and say “You don’t have an SD slot, you don’t have a removable battery, Apple products suck, Samsung is the best, Android rules” etc, etc.

    Well now the shoe is on the other foot, so forgive me if I bluntly say, deal with. This is an iPhone forum. If you don’t like it stick to your Android forums. God knows I don’t or ever have trolled through one.