Canada: iPhone 6 Can Be Reserved for Pickup In Store on Sept. 19 at 8AM [u]


Earlier today Apple announced unlocked iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 pricing, plus also noted Rogers, Telus, Bell, MTS and Sasktel would officially carry the new phones, which can be pre-ordered this Friday, September 12.

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Apple Canada’s retail page also notes Canadians can reserve the iPhone 6 this Friday for pickup in store on September 19 at 8AM, the same time retail sales will commence (looks like it can be for either unlocked or contract devices?).

There is no reserve and pickup for the iPhone 6 Plus, which would lead us to believe supplies of the larger model will be limited, as rumoured. Update: the view pricing and configurations page still does list the iPhone 6 Plus, so we assume it will be available for in-store pick up as well.

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The fine print reads “Supplies may be limited and are available on a first-come, first-served basis.” So if you don’t feel like waiting in line overnight, you can reserve your iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and go pick it up in-store on September 19.

Both iPhone 6 pre-orders are expected to start at midnight PDT/3AM EDT on Friday, September 12.


  • anonym

    Will I be able to pre-order 2 to be shipped, and pick 1 up in store? Or does the usual 2 unit limit apply to both pickup and ship?

  • I was wondering about the pick-up thing…. but Gary, no where on the page it said only the smaller iPhone 6 will be available for pick-up(and not the iPhone 6 plus)…. When it’s said iPhone 6 available on Sept 19…. it mean (both model)….

  • Well, when you click on ‘view pricing and configurations’, it only takes you to the iPhone 6 page, not iPhone 6 Plus.

  • The limit of 2 is per credit card I believe.

  • And the first question it asked… choose a model… iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus… 🙂 Both are there….

    But the info missing on this page…. it seems to only mentioned about locked devices at retail store…..

  • Ah, right I see what you mean. Okay, we will update our post, but we wanted to be sure 🙂

  • Hadrian

    This article isn’t exactly clear about the iPhone 6 Plus; are pre-orders still going to be available for it despite no in-store pickup on the 19th?

    Also, what time do the preorders start on Friday?

  • Trust me…. I want to be sure too…. 🙂

  • Chris Johnson

    It appears based on the page though its with service agreement. What about people who want to buy at full cost. In my case i work for one of the carriers and have an employee plan so can only buy phones at full cost. I know apple 5 or 5s on opening day only allowed you to buy a new iPhone with new service agreement or upgrade.

  • Shaun

    Will we be able to reserve at the apple website for locked phones as well? Or do we have to go to our specific carriers website to reserve one? And will they be doing reso’s at the same time?

  • Triacc77

    I got home from work today and the first place I went to on the internet for Apple news is this site. Gary, I’ve been a fan and have followed your page for many years. Thank you for all you do on this site and especially on keynote days. Oh, and I will be purchasing unlocked all the way. 🙂

  • Anthony

    I’ve always waited in line as opposed to preordering but I was wondering if I preorder am I guaranteed to get the phone right in the morning if I’m there to pick it up?

  • 6 plus

    Wait. What time are pre-orders supposed to start? A typo has led to conflicting times.

  • Shaun

    I think he meant Midnight PST and 3 AM EST

  • gommer strike

    It’s better to preorder. It would be embarrassing if you waited in line, only to be turned away because you didn’t preorder.

  • gommer strike

    Midnight so make damn sure you’re madly hitting f5 at 11:59pm cause the site will be slammed.

  • Thanks for reading, appreciate your kind words 🙂

  • Sorry, fixed guys!

  • Jason Reid

    Gary is the very last line supposed to be September 12th?

  • Yes, corrected. Thanks.

  • Jason Reid

    No worries and I can watch todays unfailing on ATV now. Just started a few minutes ago.

  • Bryan Dobson

    A big question for me is if I pre-order for pick up, do I have to wait in the same line as those are there to buy the day of? I would hate to wait in line for hours to finally get to the front for a phone I know is going to be waiting for me.

  • Bryan Dobson

    I just did an on-line chat, after not finding anything on the website regarding the pick up to see if there were going to be multiple lines. They claimed there was no in store pick up and it was shipment only for pre-orders.

    Image attached

  • Jesse

    You could buy it outright last time, but it was locked.

  • Eric

    wonder what early upgrade cost will be

  • MeadorsMusings

    Actually you could buy unlocked iPhones at last years launch. I got my unlocked iPhone 5s on launch day at the Apple Store. There was this same confusion last year, but Gary was able to clear it up a couple of days before it went on sale.

  • MeadorsMusings

    In the US they have had this before and have always had two separate lines.

  • beenthere

    on iphone 5s release last year, there were unlocked models sold, you can also buy locked phones with a new agreement or upgrade

  • andrewe

    I bought the 5 and 5S online, so I wasn’t sure about unlocked devices at the Apple Store on launch days/weeks. Thank you for this clarification.

    Can we triple confirm that this is the case? We can pickup an unlocked iPhone 6 in store, on launch day?

  • Chris Zhu

    same, I remember reserving and picking up my 4s a few years ago

  • Yes I remember the confusion about unlocked iPhone, last year!!! I guess it’s the same this year too. We will probably know more by friday or next week, just the day before the launch….

  • anonym

    I called both the Online Apple Store and the Apple Store nearest me. Spoke to Managers. Both said that there will be no “reserve in store” and no one knows why it’s on the website.

  • Alex Randell

    It’s been a few years now, but I remember pre-ordering a 4S and picking it up at the Toronto Eaton Centre Apple Store on launch day. They asked for my name and after confirming my pre-order on their iPad, they handed me a card with my chosen phone (colour/capacity). There was a line, but it was relatively short. Am I remembering that correctly?

    I will be buying unlocked outright. I would be happy to have one shipped if it was shipped in advance to arrive on the 19th, but do they do that? Also, if you need to return it for some reason, you have to ship it back or do they now allow you to do it at Apple retail stores?

    You can tell I’m a bit out of practice. 🙂

  • aaloo

    I’m getting unlocked as well. My contract expires this month and I’m going to be on month to month billing. I’ve always bought 32gb. May have to fork money for 64gb as 16gb is going to make decisions hard on what apps to install.

  • Paul

    Which contradicts what I was told when I went to the Apple Store at the Eaton Centre this morning. I was told that you could pre-order this Friday and pick up in store on the 19th. I asked and was told that there would be a separate line for the in store pickups.

    All of which tends to support the article but the differing info from the on line chat does introduce a bit of confusion. So I went to the Apple web site and did a chat session. Here’s what they said:

  • websnap

    I bought my 5s unlocked at launch at the retail store in Winnipeg. I’ll be doing the same again this year.

  • websnap

    Nope, not locked. I bough mine outright and unlocked at launch.

  • I hope it’s true… because i remember last year all the confusion about unlock phone in retail store…

  • websnap

    If you wait in line you will get one. If not that day, then you will at least get a voucher for one for the one of your choosing the next day.

  • Will

    What time does pre-ordering start on the 12th? like overnight/midnight on the Thursday; so 12:01am Friday morning? Or when was preorder available last go-round?..

  • websnap

    I can’t speak for this year but as I said, that was the case for last year. I walked in to the apple store, bought two phones (me and my wife) and walked out. walked into telus, didn’t like their deals, walked over to bell and went month to month with them. no lock.

  • Guest

    Here are the informations I got from Apple chat. Apparently we can pre-order this Friday and pick up on the 19th at the Apple store. I hope it’s true.

  • Adi

    Do you guys know how long approximately does it take if I choose the iphone to be shipped to my house rather than pick up in store? It’s just that there is no guarantee I’m gonna get it on the 19th if I choose pick up in store, so I’m still debating. I I live in Toronto area.

  • It should arrive same day as the launch. You just have to be waiting by the door 😉

  • Blair Davis

    Was wondering this myself, found the info anywhere yet?

  • MRKM

    looking to have something cleared up…

    so if i buy an unlocked iphone 6+ right on friday sept. 12 @ 12am, i can pick it up right on the 19th? will be 100% guaranteed to be put aside for me if i’ve paid for it online? can just waltz in any time the 12th to grab it?

    also, will apple actually ship on the 19th or before so that people get it on the 19th?


  • Dennis Torregoza

    Anyone knows if there is an imposed limit as to how many phones can be pre-ordered in one transaction?

  • faythebest

    2 per person

  • Sly

    I would like to know as well. The more I check around the more I see that pre-ordering for an in-store pickup on the 19th won’t be possible. I would like someone to confirm this 100%.

    Normally you would need to be in-line at the store on the 19th to pick it up on the same day. This is what happened last year.

  • Sly

    Can anyone confirm this 100%? nobody knows for sure 🙁

    Last year we couldn’t do this. We had to be in-line on launch day.

  • Sly

    12:00AM PST / 3:00AM EST Friday Morning

  • Guest


  • Sly

    Thanks but their answer is not clear at all. They didn’t specifically say that you can pre-order your iphone on the 12th for in-store pickup on the 19th. They probably said you can reserve an iphone at a later date for in-store pickup ‘as long as its still available’.

  • faythebest

    Yeah not really clear. The best bet would be to wait until the pre-order starts. There will be an option!

  • Raphael

    Got information that they will be selling both unlocked and with contract iPhones on launch day. My local Apple Store confirmed that it will be possible to personnal pickup iPhone 6 anytime on the 19th.

  • faythebest

    Thanks for the info. So we will have an option on the Apple website to personal pickup during pre-order tomorrow morning?

  • Dan

    I always purchase directly through Apple on the pre-order date, and both times I did this I got the phone the day before the release date. I’m hoping this will be the case the 3rd time around.

  • Tony K

    I remember, when I got my iPhone 5, only iPhone with contracts were available for pick up

  • Tony K

    Yeah, that’s what happened with the iPhone 5 as well – I remember the card thing with the chosen colour/capacity as well.

  • Where are you located? Beside the Foxconn factory??

  • candy

    I can’t believe there was a reserve and pick up that I missed. I have been refreshing the apple store non stop since 3AM!!! and finally on the stupid app, i got 3-4 delivery???? what kind of BS is this?!?!

  • Mia

    i wanna buy six iphone 6,one for myself and the others for friends. Anyone knows if is possible to make a few reservations?i know one reservation and a limit of two per day.So if i make reservations three days in a row and pickup at the same time on Sep 19.Will that be possible?Thank you!