Canada’s Competition Bureau Asks Wireless Carriers For iPhone Sales Records



On Monday, Canada’s Competition Bureau filed an application with the Federal Court asking for data from wireless carriers including Rogers, Bell, and Telus.

The Competition Bureau is asking the Canadian carriers to hand over iPhone sales records as a part of a bureau probe of alleged anti-competitive practices in Apple Canada sales contracts with the wireless carriers. The bureau has asked the carriers for the information because they are dissatisfied with the information Apple Canada has disclosed.

Last December, the court granted a bureau request for an order under the Competition Act requiring Apple to provide records and written returns relevant to its investigation.

At this time, there is no conclusion of wrongdoing by Apple Canada. A bureau spokesman said that the court is expected to make its decision on the request for information by Tuesday and would likely set out a timeframe in which carriers are to comply.

[via Financial Post]


  • Ridiculous.

  • Cornfed710

    LEAVE ? ALONE!!!????

  • Chrome262

    You know this was based on a complaint from an “other” phone manufacture

  • jeanricher

    I agree that as Canadians we don’t want to be taken advantage of, but seriously!! The Competition bureau is asking for their financial & sales records!! What a joke!

  • It’s Me

    Apple says “stop penalizing and gouging iPhone users or we aren’t partnering up”.
    Carrier says “fine we’ll gouge everyone”.
    Samsung says “stop gouging our users”.
    Carrier says “blame Apple”.
    Someone files a CB complaint, carriers says “Apple made us do it”.

  • CanucksGoals

    That’s the power of Apple nowadays. Carriers are scare that Apple wouldn’t do businesses with them. Can you blame the carriers? No. Can you blame Apple? Not really either. We as consumers made our choices to buy Apple products or not. The carriers and Apple couldn’t force us to buy iPhones.

    The last thing we Apple lovers want is this actually push away Apple or drive the price up.

  • definingsound

    Apple requires its carriers to offer specific plan rates, data amounts, and hardware subsidy amounts. Rogers was the first to meet Apple’s demands (and in doing so gave Canadians their first 6 GB/month data plan), and in doing so earned exclusive rights to sell iPhones in Canada. Since that time almost all carriers have bowed to Apple’s wishes, offering terms in-line with Apple’s requirements.

    I’m not sure what’s under investigation, but to me – forcing players in an oligopolistic market to sell at a price lower than they would normally be willing to sell; seems pro-competition (not anti-competition).