Canada’s First Microsoft Store to Land in Yorkdale Shopping Mall in Toronto?

According to a report from the Globe and Mail, Microsoft has plans to open up its first retail location in Canada. The rumoured location is Yorkdale Shopping Mall in Toronto, which is also home to an Apple Store. Microsoft has 14 stores in the U.S., and locations are typically near Apple Stores, and cosmetically look identical to their Cupertino-based rivals:

Now Microsoft is borrowing from Apple’s playbook to try to create its own mall footprint. While Microsoft officials would not comment, industry sources said the company is close to a deal for a store in Canada. Some said that the outlet will be at Yorkdale Shopping Mall in Toronto, which already has an Apple store.

Anthony Casalanguida, general manager of Yorkdale, said he couldn’t confirm or deny the information, but said he has visited other Microsoft stores in U.S. malls to check them out. They are often close to an Apple store, and are similar in look and service-oriented concept. “If we’re successful enough to get them into Toronto and Yorkdale, I think it would be a tremendous asset to the property,” he said.

The Verge reports the Canadian store would open before the holiday shopping season, in Toronto.

Previous Microsoft stores grand openings would draw immense line ups and buzz by giving away concert tickets to the first few hundred customers. For example, the 12th Microsoft location that opened last Fall at University Village in Seattle had many people lining up–for free concert tickets.

Here’s an image of the inside of that same store from my recent visit in January:

Who’s excited for a Microsoft Store to land in Toronto?

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  • Anonymous

    I don’t think this will be as successful as apple stores because Microsoft doesn’t design/sell its own hardware. A big part of the apple store is the genius bar where the employees inspect and fix devices if necessary. I don’t think this is feasible for Microsoft as there are so many manufacturers that use it’s software

  • Okinablue

    Yorkdale isn’t home to just an Apple Store, it’s home to the first Apple Store in Canada.  The mall is usually the place major retailers (from the States) would want to set up shop in if they want to plant roots in Canada.

    I’d be curious to see how Microsoft would fare.

  • Anonymous

     Microsoft stores in the US are fairly successful…

  • Anonymous

    Would get a “Finally!” from me…