Canadian Among Winners of 2013 iPhone Photography Awards


The annual iPhone Photography Awards have announced their winners for 2013. The yearly contest started the same year the iPhone was launched and is described as the “first and the longest running iPhone photography competition since 2007.”

iPhone photographers from 38 countries submit their photos every year and winning photos are selected by jury members. All winners have their images published online and are part of the IPPAWARDS Interactive Annual series of books on iTunes.

All images must be taken with an iPhone or iPod touch and not be altered in Photoshop or a desktop image processing program, but the use of filters from apps like Instagram, Hipstamatic, CameraBag, etc. are allowed. The top prizes this year included three iPad minis for the top three photographers.

One of the winners this year includes a Canadian, Mark Simone from Vancouver, BC, as he won first place in the Trees category with the following image:

Screen Shot 2013 08 14 at 10 23 50 PM

Below are couple other winners to showcase how composition and light plays a major part in photography and not just the camera you’re using:

Screen Shot 2013 08 14 at 10 25 57 PM

Screen Shot 2013 08 14 at 10 25 36 PM

The 7th Annual IPPAWARDS are now accepting submissions–you can enter your photo here.


  • Chrome262

    Wonder if they have a pet category lol, since thats all I take and all I see on instagram

  • Chrome262

    website is down

  • Chrome262

    I noticed that they allow filtering, I guess thats ok, and its part of the artistic vision, but if its to show off the iPhone wouldn’t just the native editing be what you want? I have some amazing photos on my phone, and I didn’t have to filter anything.

  • Pics or it didn’t happen!

  • Dude


  • Chrome262

    Antelope Canyon AZ. on a photo tour, my wife had her DSLR, and I just my iPhone 4S. Was bored while she set up her shots. wish it was now, I have my iPhone 5 It does a better job in low light but this was ok.

  • Nice pic!

  • Yeah their site probably is getting a lot of attention as of late.

  • Chrome262

    Thanks, it looks way dark, but when you are in there is brighter, its 11am. One thing the iPhone doesn’t have is the ability to keep the shutter open.