Canadian Carriers & Apple Increase App Store 3G Download Limit

Sometime this week, Apple and the Canadian wireless carriers increased the 3G file size limit for App Store downloads up to 20MB.

Previously, when users were connected to 3G, they could only download apps that were up to 10MB in size. Anything greater than 10MB needed a WiFi connection.

The new limit is now 20MB and anything greater than 20MB will need WiFi.

However, unless you have the Rogers/Fido 6GB data plan, we recommend to always download apps on WiFi. The Canadian wireless carriers do not provide very much data and you don’t want to be using it up downloading apps when you can use WiFi.

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  • Louis

    More importantly…what about podcasts!?!?

  • The 20M limit will help out most podcasts. Only a few are long and high enough quality to pass this limit.. but I usually listen to podcasts on which works well

  • Carl W.

    I listen to Buzz Out Loud, which is always above 20 but under 30 MB. 🙁

  • roadcarver

    I don't know why its limited? Why are we paying $30 for the 6GB plans if we cannot use it as designed?

  • I just want a 6GB plan return

  • Check back Summer 2010!

  • DjDATZ

    LOL So true! When the next iPhone launches!

  • DjDATZ

    Pfft, jailbroken iPhones FTW. Picked up My 3G off of the Rock App, and it's absolutely worth the $1-2 I paid for it. Downloading music, apps, & podcasts is done from anywhere now with my 6GB data plan. W00t!

  • scat19

    only a few? Lol. My regular podcasts each week are all over 100mb.

  • scat19

    only a few? Lol. My regular podcasts each week are all over 100mb.