Canadian Cellphone Bills Could Be On The Rise Without Competition From Verizon


Over the past couple of weeks there have been many rumours that Verizon may expand into Canada. An official statement from the U.S. carrier said that there are no plans for Verizon to enter the Canadian market. Several analysts say that the decision may mean Canadians could soon end up paying more on their cellphone bills.

Just the thought of Verizon’s entry had Canada’s big three carriers offering new data sharing plans that were previously unavailable to consumers.

On Tuesday Iain Grant, a telecom analyst, said

“If nothing else, even the spectre of Verizon coming here was enough to change pricing in the Canadian market. Without Verizon, will prices creep up? I think, sadly, the answer is probably yes.”

Rogers, Bell and Telus shares surged on the news that Verizon confirmed that a Canadian entry was “off the table at this point.”

Verizon said on Monday that it was no longer interested in competing in the Canadian wireless market after announcing it would pay US$130 billion for a 45 percent stake in Verizon Wireless owned by British cellphone carrier Vodafone.

Will Verizon ever reconsider entering the Canadian market?



  • Bee

    Yup. All 3 meet up and agree how to rob us blind.

  • prshan92

    don’t worry you guys VERIZON will be back a lot of us not giving up on them once they pay up there 60 billion debt we will have one day NORTH AMERICA PLAN

    industry Canada will open the market when the policy expires next year if maybe or may not

    some of us have already have Verizon account for Canadian

  • prshan92

    i sign up back in 2008 with the when IPHONE 4 was release on the Verizon network

    i have GRANDFATHER PLAN with them now

    i am paying $59.95


    TOTAL $64.45



    after they remove unlimited data plan and changed it to Share Everything Plan

    to keep our unlimited data we can not upgrade our iPhone if we did will lose the unlimited data i kept the plan ever since

  • 1His_Nibs1

    Well duh.

  • 1His_Nibs1

    Sorry to say but I think you need to realize this particular dream is DEAD! Maybe one day but not anytime soon.

  • pure_ip5s

    I wish I could have this plan just so I don’t have to give RoBeLus another penny….

  • pure_ip5s

    I wonder what other plans Verison has with Canadian roaming…. If they had anything similar with maybe 2 or 3 gigs I would sign up in a second..

  • pure_ip5s

    I guess the only problem would be anyone calling You would incur long distance charges.

  • Chrome262

    But you could buy the phone out right from the apple store.

  • Nick

    And it has been working pretty well for them, hasn’t it…

  • Nick

    It most likely won’t happen any time soon, you’re right. But we can always be hopeful that it will eventually happen.

  • prshan

    there is plan some sort you have call them in or go to the Verizon Wireless Store
    you get better coverage with Verizon
    You have to add $15 CANADA LINE ontop of the Share Everything Plan

    all you need

    is PASSPORT ID #




    Verizon’s iPhone 4S, and 5 comes fully UNLOCKED with 2 year contract $199 meaning you guys don’t pay unlocked fee its FREE

    when they you sign up Verizon 2 year its fully unlocked you can put sim anywhere you want but there catch YOUR LOCKED to Verizon

    BIG 3 here charges UNLOCKED iPhone after 90days

    BELL $75

    ROGERS $50

    TELUS $35


    BIG 3 is ripping us now big time


    Forget Verizon, what we need is a Non north american provider such as Three or FREE Mobile. For true low prices.

  • prshan

    1000 shared minutes for:Long distance from the U.S. to Canada/Mexico.
    Calls while in Canada to numbers in the U.S., Mexico or Canada

  • prshan

    UNLIMITED DATA PLAN wil only work in the U.S not canada that the only charges i will get

  • prshan

    there still hope you never know they might open market remove foreign restriction few years from now Verizon might snatch Telus

    Verizon cant expand in Europe Market Vodafone Controls 95% market

    so as hell Verizon will not expand down south Mexico the cartel telecom controls all South America market and Mexico

    they only market is u.s market now and they might revisit the the Canadian market few year from now

  • prshan

    back than it was little expensive for me buy unlocked iPhone i was on contract when i sign up with Verizon

    now i that i have iPhone 4s with Rogers and my old iPhone 4 with Verizon i wil be buying the new iphone 5S from apple soon use it Verizon i was about ditch my UNLIMITED DATA PLAN to get see what will Verizon will offer in Canada since there not coming i will keep it little longer use my iphone 5s 🙂

  • ward09

    But if Verizon were to buy Telus, then they would acquire their existing costumers and would have no incentive to aggressively price their plans. That was the beauty of Verizon entering Canada at this point in time – they would have next to no costumers but with deep enough pockets to try to attract business through hardware or service plan discounts.

  • prshan

    On a conference call with analysts on Tuesday, Chief Financial Officer
    Fran Shammo also said that the company would still expect to be able to
    participate in upcoming wireless airwaves auctions, despite a plan to
    take on more than $60 billion in new debt to pay for Verizon Wireless. from Toronto Sun

  • prshan

    the next CANADA wireless spectrum is in 2015 -2016

  • ward09

    I don’t know what that says about their plans. Sure they could still come to Canada in the future, and fingers crossed that we get new competition somehow. The thing about Verizon and this opportunity is that they were both a new entrant into the market and they deep-pocketed.

  • Nick

    That is true. Three has unbelievable prices in Europe, we should bring those to Canada

  • Nick

    Then for sure the big three will have a run for their money!

  • Nick

    Even if they came to Canada, they probably wouldn’t introduce an unlimited data plan

  • Nick

    Only if you could find that plan again!

  • Nick

    Forget about Telus, Verizon should come to Canada and buy all three major carriers!!!

  • prshan

    if Canadian government open up market for tele and media sector

    Verizon wil buy Telus

    AT&t will buy ROGERS

    T MOBILE will buy WIND/Mobilty

    as for for Bell DISH and Direct TV want piece of be BELL ‘ ASS for a long time they want cripple Bell what they did to them 20 years ago BANNING them from Canada that why they can’t offer they will have there revenge why do you think half Canadian stealing DISH SIGNAL past year DISH and Direct TV want to get in the Canada ever since i hope government will realize its time it open up the market WE DON’T want MONOPOLY anymore
    we fed up

  • Nick

    I completely agree!

  • adam

    GUess i am the only that couldnt figure out how he got the iphone 4 back in 2008….

  • prshan

    sorry about that typo its 2011 thanks for heads up

  • prshan

    typo its 2011 IPHONE 4 not 2008 was release on the Verizon network

    i sign up end of June my contract with verizion

  • adam

    hehe all good 🙂

  • Guest

    maybe one day Verizon will enter (which I believe they will) and we’ll remember this Big 3. We’ll remember. you would think they would take this opportunity to be a bit “nicer” but as we know, they aren’t exactly very smart about customer satisfaction and retention.

  • Bob

    I think Verizon should have come to Canada!!!!!!

  • Rick

    The big three are just ripping us off!!!

  • Rick

    I don’t know why Canada and the government stand and tolerates what the big three have been doing

  • Apple245u3

    They wasted all there money trying to protest against Verizon coming here, they should have used that money to make there services better!!!!!!

  • Brandon

    Canada should take a stand against the big three!!!!

  • Verizonfanboy

    Why do we put up with them????? Verizon COME TO CANADA!!!!!

  • Verizonfanboy

    The big three should be renamed the big rip off!!!!!

  • James

    Europe and the US have so much better contract pricing for mobile phones!!

  • Jimmy

    Verizon should come to Canada and buy all the Canadian carriers!!!!!!!!

  • RogersLowerYourPrices

    Rogers lower your prices!!!!!!!!!!

  • Apple374

    I hope so!!!! But they are probably much better than what we have now.

  • iPhone1234

    Agreed! it is all a scheme to rob us

  • iPad0482

    Totally Agree!!!!

  • Dixie Rect

    I don’t use the phone function of my phone at all. In fact, it’s still locked since I bought it. Instead, I rely on Fongo anytime I have wifi. I am thinking about just getting a Data only plan. Are there any company that just offers that for phones?