The Canadian Flag Emoji is Now Available in iOS 8.3–and It’s Glorious [PIC]


Apple released iOS 8.3 today and with it comes a new Emoji keyboard, which features 300 new characters and an easier way to show off the new additions. We performed a test below of the one Emoji we’ve been waiting for—the Canadian flag:

IMG 2503

Do note your friends and family can only see these new Emoji if they are running iOS 8.3 as well.

Now that I’ve wiped the tears streaming down my face (kidding; okay not really it’s actually happening), bring on the Tim Hortons, hockey stick/puck and maple syrup Emoji.

PS – We have updated to iOS 8.3 and so far, no issues with cellular connectivity or stuff like that. Just sayin’.


  • ProudCanadian

    Finally 🙂

  • ShaBi

    New Emojis!!!!

  • einsteinbqat

    Finally! People around will be able to see the new emojis I have been sending them. They didn’t get beta. I did.

  • natedog

    Hey Gary, curious how will you be preordering your apple watch? Through the Apple Store app or through the website? Thanks.

  • Ari


  • Sorry for the late reply but I used the Apple Store iOS app. Did you make a pre-order?