Canadian Industry Minister Set To Make An Announcement About Wireless Competition



On Monday, Industry Minister James Moore is set to make announcement about “wireless competition” in Canada. The event will take place at 9:30am EST.

The only other details provided about the event is that it will “support more consumer choice and better service in the wireless market.” Here is the tweet by Industry Canada:

The announcement could provide us with more information about the 2500MHz spectrum auction set for April 2015. Moore could also provide us with information about the future of Mobilicity.

The Honourable James Moore, Minister of Industry, will make an announcement to support more consumer choice and better service in the wireless market.

In the past, Moore announced several initiatives that were tailored for the consumer.

[via Industry Canada]


  • thewinnipegger

    “Competition” – Dr.Evil

    There’s really still no competition nationwide other than provincial level but we are still gouged in wireless prices. Even tho we finally went from 3 yr to 2 yr contacts the prices are still at ridiculous levels and there seems to be zero effort to move prices to a point where it equals to even countries of our size. Hell even smaller countries are getting cheaper plans.

    Unless the feds stick to a plan to enforce competition it’s all lip service.

  • Farids

    More support? Consumer choice? Is it election time already?!! No? Then that’s it! The government is going to give away Mobilicity and Windmobile for a penny to the big 3!! And they will provide more consumer choices by bringing out an additional 20 mobile plans, starting from “call your neighbour plan” for one low monthly price of $199.99, so the consumer can have bigger selection to choose from!! All backed by the minister himself, who will happily be collecting the extra taxes Canadian residents will be charged on higher priced plans! All in the name of consumers choice, to pay more. Nice…