Canadian iPhone 4S Orders Have Started Shipping from Apple


iPhone 4S pre-orders kicked off around the world last Friday, and now it appears numerous orders have shipped, including those from Canada. reader @AbsolutReh was able to track down his order for his iPhone 4S destined to Coquitlam, BC, via

The method used is exactly what we told users to do to track their previous iPhone 3G orders from Rogers/Fido back in 2008. You can try it for yourself below:

1. Visit
2. Click on the “Tracking” tab on the top left.
3. Click on “Track by Reference” on the left column.
4. On the page, where it says “Shipment Reference”, enter your Rogers/Fido phone number, including area code.
5. Click “Track” on the bottom right.
6. If your order has been entered into the UPS system, VOILA! Your shipment details should be there!

iPhone 4S pre-orders in Canada are available from Apple, Rogers, Fido, Telus, Bell, Virgin, and Koodo. You can make pre-orders from Future Shop (until today) and Best Buy (until launch day). There really is no excuse to not be able to pre-order an iPhone 4S in Canada given all our carrier choices!

My order status is still at “Processing Items”. What’s yours at?


  • Derrick Rockwell

    Still at Processing…. same as yours. 

  • Jeffers

    I ordered on launch day from Fido and this method does not work for me. I get the message, “UPS could not locate the shipment details for your request.
    Verify your information and try again.”

  • Philip Jones

    I ordered mine through Apple exactly when the store came up (sometime after 330 AM eastern), and mine still says “processing”. I was refreshing just before the store came to life, so I know I was one of the first. It is mildly irritating that someone is “ahead” of me!

  • Kellie Inkster

    Ditto…ordered from Rogers, nadda!

  • Zerobrand

    Same here!!

  • I ordered mine through Bell, as an existing customer. The rep. told me my phone won’t SHIP until Friday. Seems a long wait, but according to him I should get it sometime NEXT week.

  • Anonymous

    It does not make sense to ship individual iphone 4 orders from China!!

  • Jonathan

    Pay close attention to the email you get from Apple. I was in within the first minute and I type pretty quickly so I must have been one of the first out too except for one thing…
    I also added an iPhone dock to my order and this is shown as shipping from China. The iPhone itself is NOT in that shipment.

  • From Rogers, Status Open. Position 317

  • Firat Ataman

    position 177 open

  • Firat Ataman

    Rogers position 177 still open

  • Does anyone know what’s different about the ones that have shipped already? Did those folks order earlier, or do they live in particular geographical regions, or…

  • Apex_ride

    Quick question Keith… Do you have an iPhone 4 from Bell? And how did you avoid the $35 ‘early upgrade’ fee?


  • Garrychnca

    I reserve mine at rogers at position 195, but says “UPS could not locate the shipment details for your request. Verify your information and try again.”

  • Mike Lerner

    It does if there are no facilities to handle those orders locally and since Apple does not have a warehouse for hardware orders in Canada, they are shipped directly. 

  • Raoul Teteblanc

    I order a white 16GB and a black 16GB from Rogers.  Mine are not showing as shipped, but I have moved up approx. 90 places on the white list and 180 on the black list.  I am currently at 324 for white and 456 for black.

    That is a lot of cancellations or Rogers is shipping items!

  • I am position 49 today, open Fido.  I was position 59 two days ago!  So does that mean phones are being shipped to Fido customers, or is that 10 people who have cancelled?  Either way, I like that my original position (61) has dropped to 49 in three days.  🙂

  • Anonymous

    Apparently, Fido is telling me that I won’t be able to get the iPhone 4s with early upgrade. I am on an iPhone 3G!?!?!? My upgrade date is December 24th. I can’t wait till Christmas.

    Any ideas that are affordable?

  • I am in the same boat.  I called twice and was confirmed that I culd upgrade since I got my 3GS two years ago.  I was then told on a third call for something unrelated that no, I would have to pay a $260ECF to get the new iPhone.  I was shocked.  I cannot wait until May 2012.  I was told one tidbit though and I hope it comes true, but I need to wait 3 days. 

    As far as ideas that are affordable – you only have until December – find out what your ECF is.  It can’t be that high.  How many Fido dollars do you have too?  Factor that in.  Buying a new phone from Apple can mean not being tied into these ridiculous 3 year plans that make you wait almost 3 models before you upgrade, but it will cost you $800-900 a phone AND you have to line up to get it.  Your 3GS is worth at least $180 – sell that too to get some money back. 

  • I was “eligible” for an upgrade to a Smart Phone, I received a text message notifying me of this a couple of months ago, but still had to pay a $20 “hardware change” fee. My wife experienced the same thing; I don’t know if you can ever avoid this fee.

  • Sa3dos

    Position 34 in line for Black 16GB, status showing “IN PROGRESS” and UPS tracking method don’t work “UPS could not locate the shipment details for your request”.

  • Wpippy

    Me too, placed my order for a 16GB White the second Apple Store came back online (refreshing the page every 2 seconds). My order took about 10/15 seconds max. And is still listed as “processing order” but not worried about this CCard has been precharged the 649.00 + HST.

  • George Paulussen

    how do you know you position today?

    I just got a confirmation email from fido when i reordered but nothing else. i can see anything in my account info besides a charge of 42 dollars

  • LawrenceC

    I was at 142 (with Rogers) then 138 later that day then I checked earlier today and I am at 98.

  • Click on the reservation tab you used to reserve your phone.  When you get in there, it tells you what position you are now in. 

  • George Paulussen

    thanks 🙂

    i am 2861 in line so i am pretty sure that i have to wait a little longer before mine will ship

  • stingko

    Mine still says processing. Ordered a black 64 GB from Apple at 6 am on Friday.

  • Same here.  White 16GB direct from Apple.  Ordered maybe 30 seconds after the store opened.

  • JustinB

    Rogers, White 64GB, started at 266 and am currently 241

  • Tartempion

    They don’t ship them individually… they just track them individually.

  • Tartempion

    They don’t ship them individually… they just track them individually.

  • Jeremy

    Same , i was 171 now 148…. i think they are shipping the devices 😛 or some people cancelled the order

  • Zaidc

    Ordered right when Apple store came online on Friday, called Apple and they said they won’t ship till the 14th, how are people getting theirs shipped right away? Mine still says processing

  • Anish

    went from position 204 to 164 on the rogers wait list today. hopefully ill still get it this upcoming weekend! what do you guys think?

  • Troy

    Fido Calgary Pre-Order (4 AM) position 127 later that day was 126, Yesterday (Sunday) showed 125, and today (Monday Thanksgiving) shows 114 as of 12:30pm, nothing on UPS

  • Anon

    Most likely cancelled orders.  They probably found out about the slight price reduction that’s supposed to happen next month, Pre-Christmas.

  • People are cancelling like mad now that they know what their ECF is..  Just look at Twitter.  Wow. 

  • Rehman

    Always order from Apple direct. Get out of contacts.


  • Dianna

    I ordered a black 32GB 4S around 2:30am Pacific Time and mine shows that it shipped from China, arrived in Hong Kong and shipped from Hong Kong.

  • those who can see that it’s already shipped are the ones that ordered their iPhone directly with Fido/Rogers…

    I’m in the same boat as you… my order still says processing…
    it it ships on October 14th, we should get it somewhere between Wednesday and Friday…

  • Kellie Inkster

    Just got off the phone with Rogers. They’ve told me they haven’t received the phones yet. Could be lying, not sure. But that’s what they said. 

  • Davemccr

    Does anyone know how big a shipment the canadian carriers will get initially? Are we looking at a few hundred each? Or a few thousand? I’m 494 in line at fido. Down from 502. I’m thinking this could take a long time

  • Anonymous

    Went from 529 on Day 1 to 350 today. I hope I get it next week!! Sad that I didn’t make the first shipment though 🙁

  • Helvetica

    Saturday my status said OPEN and showed my reservation number as 1. Yesterday it switched to IN PROGRESS and the reservation number disappeared.

  • Carsonjstark

    WTF is ECF?

  • Superzoom99

    early cancellation fee

  • Hyperextension

    Apple status still showing “Processing Items”.  What the heck?  I ordered mine within a couple minutes of preorder starting.  It  says “Ships by October 14”.  The Thanksgiving holiday kind of threw a wrench in the system for us Canadians I think.

  • I don’t think that thanksgiving holiday has anything to do with this…
    Your iPhone is shipped directly from China… I’m sure that they work 24/24h And 7/7days there…

  • Jonathan

    I don’t think anyone that ordered directly from Apple got a shipping tracking yet. I have one for the dock I ordered at the same time but not for he phone itself. This is the first time I pre-order something from Apple so I don’t know if they usually ship on the release date or ship to deliver on the release date. In any case I can survive a few more days with my 3GS  🙂

  • Beil

    Just curious… Why would I order straight from Apple if I have a great plan at a good price, don’t hate my carrier and don’t travel (with need of a mobile phone)?

  • Jonathan

    No reason at all until there is real competition. In a normal market you would get a much better price/month even on a 1-3 years contract if you provided your own device.
    You are paying the full price for the iPhone but its hidden in the monthly fees in the ridiculously long 3 year contracts.
    In a perfect world I’d prefer shopping for the phone and the connection separately just like I shop for a computer and Internet provider separately.
    Imagine Rogers selling you the internet connection at a 50-100% premium but giving you a computer with a 3 year contract. Now imagine they still sell the connection at the same price if you already have a computer.

  • Anish

    My position on rogers hasn’t gone down since yesterday. I don’t think they are shipping any iPhones today. 🙁

  • Ben

    Yeah. Preorderered an unlocked model from Apple within the first 2 minutes or so of the store going up. and its still processing for me. I’m in BC.

    I did notice the difference in wording between the US store — delivers by Oct 14 — and the Canadian store — ships by Oct 14.

  • Zaidc

    Still Processing Items for me too. Probably wont get it til next week. I think peepz in the states will get theirs sooner.

  • Hyperextension

    My Rogers order was at 105 this morning and now it is in progress and it says that shipping has begun!  Woo hoo.  They actually beat Apple to the punch so far.

  • Beil

    That’s essentially what I thought. I too would rather buy the device and the service separately, but I know myself (and I have a plan that works well for me) so it’s unlikely that I’ll need/want to switch carriers in the near-ish future. I’ve even watched several new player appear in the last few years, but none have managed to offer anything decent (plan or coverage wise) in Western Canada. In my case it’s certainly not worth me paying for the phone outright when I will likely be paying my carrier the same monthly fee anyway. I definitely think people should weigh their options though, as buying an unlocked iPhone straight from Apple does have its advantages depending on one’s situation.

  • Hyperextension

    I just called Apple to inquire about expected ship date into Canada (my order is still processing and says shipping BY October 14).  She confirmed for me that the preorders into the USA will be arriving that day and preorders into Canada will be starting to ship that day (October 14).  Sucks for us.

  • Our market is not important enough I suppose…
    Or maybe it has something to do with the fact that we are getting unlocked device through Apple… Service providers in Canada might have some sort of priority over what is sold directly by Apple…

  • Hyperextension

    Yah who knows?  At this rate, the preorder I did for my wife through Rogers will get here first.  It is showing as in progress, so maybe she will be lucky enough to get hers on Friday.

  • Beil

    Well, we do only have 1/10th the population of the US, and I’m sure our purchasing power is similarly proportional. (Just look at all the products that don’t bother finding distributors in Canada.) I’m just glad to see that our wait times for devices from Apple are continuously shrinking. Now the only real delay is a few days for shopping.

    Also notice that in the US, 4S pre-orders through carriers took place on Oct. 7th whereas they can’t get unlocked 4S’s till November. I found that interesting as it shows the pull that carriers have there.

  • Beil

    Well, we do only have 1/10th the population of the US, and I’m sure our purchasing power is similarly proportional. (Just look at all the products that don’t bother finding distributors in Canada.) I’m just glad to see that our wait times for devices from Apple are continuously shrinking. Now the only real delay is a few days for shopping.

    Also notice that in the US, 4S pre-orders through carriers took place on Oct. 7th whereas they can’t get unlocked 4S’s till November. I found that interesting as it shows the pull that carriers have there.

  • Anish

    WOW completely unfair! -__- which iPhone did you order?

  • Hyperextension

    From Rogers, White 32GB and Apple, Black 64GB.

  • Anonymous

    Doesnt have anything to do with Thanksgiving. Apple is fucking Canada once again. Its all good tho few days wont hurt.

    But still, fuck the US of A.

  • Anonymous

    Canucks suck so shut the fuck up go terrorize Vancouver

  • Bullite

    Mine is now preparing for shipement. Apple confirmation email at 3:54 Est

  • When and which model did you order?

  • Anonymous

    Did you order from the apple site or from carrier?

  • Bullite

    Early 3:50 am EST black 32gig

  • Anonymous

    You ordered from Apple? I talked to apple and they said they won’t ship til the 14th, which kinda sucks.

  • I ordered around the same time… but a black 64GB…
    I did not receive my confirmation email yet…

  • Hyperextension

    Finally preparing to ship!!!!

  • Bullite

    Yes from apple

    Preparing for Shipment
    Not eligible to cancel or return

    iPhone 4S 32GB Black
    Available:  Ships by October 14th

  • Anonymous

    Yeah mine just changed as well.

    Preparing for Shipment 
    Not eligible to cancel or returnWhy?Future ShipmentsiPhone 4S 16GB WhiteAvailable:  Ships by October 14th 

  • Just checked and mine changed as well… looks like it will be shipped soon…

  • Jonathan

    64GB black, preparing to ship. Seems like there will be a lot of iphones in the delivery trucks on the 14th. I have no idea where they ship from so no idea how long it can take to get them.

  • Last time I ordered my iPhone 4 with Apple… it took one more day compared to what was shown on the UPS website… If it did not change since then, your iPhone will be shipped somewhere in the USA (probably in Anchorage, Alaska)… After that, it will got somewhere else (probably in Louisville, Kentucky)… After it might go through some other places in the USA before reaching Canada… You will probably receive your iPhone on Monday on Tuesday if it’s really shipped now…

  • Anonymous

    Tried that didn’t work copy n paste your stuff

  • Maybe he was lucky and got someone else tracking info…

  • Sean Bhasin

    Im very pissed off
    i was one of the first who pre-ordered the Iphone 4s
    and i just got a mail from apple
    Saying my product shipped and will reach to me on the 19TH OF OCT>>>>

  • It’s the worst case… You should get it 1 or 2 days before that…

    In the apple email, I also have oct. 19th… But on the ups website, it’s oct 17th.
    You won’t die if you don’t have your iPhone 4s for the weekend…

  • Sean Bhasin

    the problem is that I have to then fly to Canada(Currently not there) and get it back to India
    so my travel plans got screwed up
    BTW where on the ups site is the expected shipping date written

  • Jonathan

    The dock I ordered with the iPhone also got sent from China too. It left on 7th and arrived on the 12th near Montreal. I’m guessing the delivery will be similar for the iPhone package so that puts delivery on the 18th +- one day. It would have been nice to have delivery on the 14th but I’d rather sit at home than go with the crazy people at the Apple stores on launch day.

  • Sean Bhasin

    Do u have any idea ,where on the UPS website is the estimates shipping date shown ?

  • Don’t look for the date… they removed it (at least for me)…

  • Sean Bhasin

    so it isn’t there anymore
    my piece just left Hong Kong some time ago

  • Suresh

    So far so good for me. It has reached “Mount Hope”, ON today morning. 
    God knows if it would get stuck with import process!!!

    I am just 45 minutes away from that place.  Feel like taking my car, driving there and grabbing it and coming……..

  • Faesalmurad

    i ordered my unlocked one by calling apple phone , i did it 5 days ago and till now it says processing , did you get your by now , just checking so i know when to expect mine 

  • Faesalmurad

    how muck is it , in canada unlocked 32gb