Canadian iTunes Gift Cards Now Work For Apps


Over the last few months, many Canadians have been wondering why we cannot use iTunes Gift Cards to purchase apps in Canada. There have been many excuses from Apple policy or Canadian law and the entire situation has been rather frustrating.

Before this week, Canadian iTunes Gift Cards could only be used to purchase iTunes movies, videos, and music. Reports this week now indicate that those same Gift Cards can be used to purchase iTunes Apps from the App Store!

iTunes Gift Cards come in $15, $25, $50, and $100 denominations and are available at various retailers such as Walmart, Costco, Best Buy, and Apple Stores.

At this time, Apple has not officially updated their support pages, but Canadian iTunes Gift Cards can now be used to purchase anything in iTunes, even apps. Stay tuned for updated links.


  • wargamer17

    Interesting. So is this just something in the back-end of iTunes or if I look on the card it will say it can be used toward apps? I just don't want to purchase a card and it not work for apps as that is the only thing I would use it for. I've always wanted to buy some of the great games but wasn't going to use a credit card so hearing this is really awesome.

  • djepsilon

    FINALLY! I seem to always have gift card credit on my account and it was so frustrating not being able to buy apps with it! It's about time.

  • Zeke2d

    FINALLY!!! and it's not just the last few months, we have been wondering ever since the app store launched. I CAN FINALLY BUY APPS! with me being a minor and all and not having a credit card.

  • Patt


  • jlocicero

    I have a balance on my iTunes account – does this mean I'll be able to use it to purchase apps? Or does it just apply to new gift card purchases?

    Good news either way!

  • Ardith

    works on previous balances just got the wired magazine ipad app

  • About time. It never made sense to not allow it.

  • DatGuyOvaDere

    Whoo!! Does this mean I can update the OS software and pay with a gift card?

  • You don't need to upgrade. Just use Canadian gift cards!

  • DatGuyOvaDere

    LOL. What I meant was can I use a canadian gift card to upgrade to the latest OS?


  • radovich

    Great news, isn't it? It is obviously that good apps, softwares are provide by apple developers on itunes. “Tips about Sync Content to the iPad with iTunes”.

  • icemanyvr

    It's about &#@!*&^ time!!!

  • nulzilla

    it's ABOUT TIME !

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  • zaraly

    That makes me happy. I just bought Plants Vs. Zombies with store credits, I don't have my creditcard entered in to my iTunes account and usually stick to gift cards for iTunes purchases. It was the one thing with iTunes Store that really annoyed me. This restriction also prevented in app purchases on my touch for the PressReader App where I can purchase/download newspapers form 100s of locations. I sent emails to anyone I could think of every time I ran into this strange restriction. At least some one was paying attention.
    I hope it stays and wasn't just a glitch.share iphone and ipad free apps.

  • rorypiper

    Awesome! I've had about $20 sitting in my account, left over from a gift card, for a long time!

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  • iamlynda

    about freakin time!! I've been stuck with the purchase of at least 2 cards.

  • Shana

    It will work on your current balance. You do not need to buy a new card.

  • Me

    The cards in stores will not say that you can use it to bu apps. I bought an app today and expected to have it charged from my credit card only to see it took it from my balance. I then went and bought an itunes card and I was able to use it to buy more apps. So DONT WORRY! You can use any itunes card to purchase apps. They arent going to recall all the itunes cards in stores just to change what it says on the back.

  • Both

  • matt

    omg it took so long but now im happy


    Oh my fucking god! YES! YESS!!!!! OH MY GOD YES!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!! YES!!! APPS ARE MINE!!!!! YES!!!!!


    Oh my fucking god! YES! YESS!!!!! OH MY GOD YES!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!! YES!!! APPS ARE MINE!!!!! YES!!!!!

  • Ipwnu24

    DUDE I JUST BOUGHT AN APP WITH MY CANADIAN ITUNES $15 GIFT CARD!! YES VICTORYYYYYYY!!! <– super duper happy atm BUT you just have to pay more..

  • ArtiCat

    It worked for me, but I noticed that the apps are not exempt to taxes though ($0.99 app cost me $1.12). But hey, don't have to use a credit card!!!

  • zukeeper

    Is it possible to use a gift card to pay an outstanding balance though? It appears not. Have a gift balance in hubby's account, he owes a balance for an app but it wants to be paid with credit card only!

  • Adas

    about time

  • Glad that everything has been settled before any dispute is lodge.

  • Ub3rxD99

    So how exactly do u do this?

  • DocTerry

    I have been purchasing my iTunes cards from Costco–but today they have none. They have discontinued stocking them. Indeed, and employee said that Costco Canada no longer carried any Apple products.

    Oh, how do these inantile executives keep their jobs?

  • The story is that Costco is upset Apple is not offering them the iPad to
    sell in stores.

  • Deets

    I have 90 bucks in iTunes credit from iTunes gift cards and I cannot buy apps. A message appears telling me it’s gonna go to my credit card. The only exception Is to buy App gift Cards. Not iTunes gift cards.

    Anyone else experiencing this?

  • Butterflykissez247

    Yes now I can buy angry birds!!!’

  • Ameer

    Thank god it’s finally here…

  • Syerrasweet

    i just tryed buying  an app using my itunes money, and its not letting me?

  • Syerrasweet

    i just tryed buying  an app using my itunes money, and its not letting me?

  • Syerrasweet

    i just tryed buying  an app using my itunes money, and its not letting me?

  • Syerrasweet

    i just tryed buying  an app using my itunes money, and its not letting me?

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  • Cagraham88

    This is so good! I am way new to Apple and ipad 2! But I already love it… way intiuitive!

  • Benjamint

    Strange fact, i was able to buy apps in 2012 and then BAM it stopped working at the time i disconnected my dad’s credit card from my account..

  • justsaying

    grrrr…always something with apple in canada. Everytime I turn around Canada is limited to what we can either use or purchase. Ive been buying apple products for the last few years now with a few iphones and ipads…and went through a lot of chargers to get the right charger for the right product as some have different amps i think it is…and now apple built the newer machines with different adaptors! just another excuse for them to create another flow of money. Im almost ready to jump ship and go to andriod i think.

  • Master master

    What is d deference between Itones gift card and app gift card?