Former Canadian Security Officials Warn Against Huawei; Best Buy USA Halts Device Sales


Chinese hardware and smartphone giant Huawei continues to be under the microscope over fears of potential backdoors in its products, as American and former Canadian security officials voice opposition to the company, which has ties to the government in China.


According interviews conducted by the Globe and Mail, former Canadian security officials are speaking out against Huawei:

Ward Elcock, John Adams and Richard Fadden are weighing in on the matter after the heads of the CIA, FBI, National Security Agency and the Defence Intelligence Agency recently told the U.S. Senate intelligence committee that Huawei poses a cybersecurity threat to American customers. U.S. spymasters say Huawei’s smartphones and networking equipment could be used to conduct undetected espionage, especially the next, advanced generation of 5G technology.

Elcock, a former CSIS director, told the Globe, “I have a pretty good idea of how signal-intelligence agencies work and the rules under which they work and their various operations and … I would not want to see Huawei equipment being incorporated into a 5G network in Canada,”

Meanwhile, Adams, the former head of the Communications Security Establishment (CSE), Canada’s secretive signals intelligence agency, said he would be “very careful about getting engaged with Huawei.”

Former CSIS director and national security adviser to Prime Minister Trudeau and Stephen Harper, Fadden, said Huawei should not be a trusted partner when it comes to the country’s telecommunications networks.

Concern is also over the use of Huawei communications hardware, as the latter is currently running next-gen 5G network trials with Bell Canada, for example. In a statement to the Globe, Bell said “Huawei is one of our long-standing network infrastructure and mobile device partners.”

U.S. security officials suspect Huawei will be able to remotely spy, steal information or control systems through backdoors, through its products and 5G technology.

Best Buy USA to Stop Selling Huawei Phones, Laptops and More

Best Buy USA recently announced it would stop selling Huawei smartphones (via CNET), along with other products such as smartwatches, and laptops, along with phones from subsidiary Honor.

Today, Bloomberg released a feature story titled ‘Why America Is So Scared of China’s Biggest Tech Company’.

That article cites former CEO of WIND Mobile (now known as Shaw’s Freedom Mobile), Anthony Lacavera as saying “It was lower interest rates, deferred payments, don’t pay anything now,” saying “It felt like a retail promotion,” referring to when the company purchased Huawei equipment in 2009, which was cheaper than competitors.

Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale said in a statement to the Globe last week, Huawei poses no risk to Canadian cyber security and is currently being monitored.

Clearly, American security officials are more concerned about Huawei than their Canadian counterparts, who don’t seem to be worried about the company, founded by a former member of the People’s Liberation Army in China.

In 2012, American officials continued to warn Canada about Huawei, whose hardware is being used by Bell, Telus, Sasktel and Freedom Mobile (formerly WIND Mobile).

What do you think? Should Canadians be concerned about Huawei?


  • Olley


  • Americans have always been hypocrites and will always be.
    Did everyone forget about Xkeyscore, how AT&T has its doors wide open for the NSA and how NSA have been putting their firmware on the equipment on American vendors for years (and still do)?
    Americans are threatened by Huawei because they could destroy their telecommunications market, so they decided to ban them. As simple as that.

    It’s very biased and hypocrite to say the Huawei is being banned because “it has ties to the government in China” when Americans have backdoors everywhere.

  • My 1/2 cents

    Boycott Facebook and Huawei.

  • My 1/2 cents

    Chill out dude.

  • Sam

    The US government is no altar boy but at least they aren’t a cruel dictatorship like the Chinese gov… Apples and oranges my friend.

  • Sally Field

    Dean, stop reading fake news bro. Move to China if you love them so much lmao

  • Joe

    Sorry, the Chinese government are a cruel dictatorship? How many wars are the Chinese currently involved in? Because the US government is involved in 8 currently. Over a million people died in the Iraq War. When was the last time China killed one million people? I bet it was before the Iraq War.

    Dean is correct and you guys are disagreeing because of emotional reasons rather than factual ones.

  • It’s Me

    It would pretty much take the PRC army to make a statement admitting they are using Huawei before PM Bieber and his groupie cabinet would clue in. Justin is too busy taking selfies and making an fool of himself in front of all of peoplehood and Goodale is just lost.

  • It’s Me

    ^this is what happens when kids get their news from MTV and YouTube.

  • Olley

    that’s what being a feminist pussywhip is for. otherwise his only choice is either a pickle jar or apple pie…

  • It’s Me

    That escalated quickly…

    I just think he’s a really dumb man.

  • Olley

    gosh move to china already -___-

  • Olley

    you mean WOman, right? pretty sure he gets triggered by the word “man.”

  • Widohmaker

    LOL! Trudeau has done a good job with the economy but he has done a lousy job of acting like a normal human being. 🙂

  • It’s Me

    He’s hasn’t done anything for the economy.

  • It’s Me

    In the name of peoplehood, I’m not sure what you’re getting at.

  • Widohmaker

    “The US government is no altar boy but at least they aren’t a cruel dictatorship” – give it time my friend, give it time.

  • Widohmaker

    I think his administration has done an admiral job standing up for Canadian economic interests against Cheeto Jesus and his band of sycophants. He has also effectively made Canada part of the EEC which gives Canada options it never had. And whether we like Trudeau’s liberal antics or not we should understand that the Canadian economy is booming while he is prime minister whether one chooses to give him credit or not.

  • It’s Me

    Our economy’s performance has little to do with his lack of action. We’re chugging along on foundations set well before him. And he’s not standing up to TheDonald, he’s being owned by him.

  • Widohmaker

    I suggest you re read my last sentence. And yes his administration has stood up to the discount Mussolini and done it well on the only issue that matters. Trade.

  • It’s Me

    And you should re-read my first sentence in response.

    Honestly, I’m interested, what exactly has he stood up to the US? Not agreeing is not the same as actually doing something. What’s he done that any 5 year old child wouldnt be capable of doing (that being saying no)?

    While one may want to give him credit for accomplishing anything, it’s more than a stretch. Wishful thinking really.

  • Widohmaker

    No your first sentence in response is nonsensical when you have the option not to give his administration credit if you so choose. However, if it is rational to criticize Trudeau for his idiosyncratic liberal proclivities it is irrational to attribute successful stewardship of an economy to an erstwhile administration. By your logic no administration should ever get credit/criticism for the economy as it can just pass the buck. Canada’s economic strength lies in its economic stability. Don’t let your emotional reaction to Trudeau’s antics cloud your objectivity. We don’t need engage in a culture war in our country and follow the lead of our southern neighbours in engaging in political cannibalism.

  • clee666

    The question is why telecoms are not cheaper in Canada if we are using cheaper Huawei equipments?

  • John McClane

    Yes, you’re right: “Musolini” closed the borders and our “Musolini” opened them.

  • Gregory Weatherhead

    This is more about protectionism as Huawei makes very good products with very low margins threatening the tech world as we know it in the West, while the majority of products are made in China!! I remember the first time I ever paid attention to Huawei was when they made a Nexus phone in partnership with Google. At the time I said I will never purchase a Huawei product with no history of the Company!! I wanted a big screen and thought why the hell not with the storage and the processing power, with Apple and the other’s looking at the thousand dollar mark I got myself a phone made by Huawei and was quite impressed with the features and the price point!! Note I bought this phone with the expectation it would not live up to the HYPE!! Well it has surpassed the Hype and lived up to more than I ever expected wit a two day battery life, reasonably priced, set to overtake Apple in phone sales making a Global mark!! Who the hell cares when the Consumer benefits!! Protectionism makes it more expensive for the Consumer!! Would I purchase another Huawei product ?? Most definitely!! We already pay very high prices for our mobile communications, if Huawei can deliver a cheaper product with the same Quality to our Carriers why the Hell not!! Our are we moving back to the Cold War thinking!! Spies and Lies!!

  • Hondanazi

    You sound like a fake Amazon review….lol