Over 85% of Canadians Say Phone and Email Scams Are Just a “Fact of Life”


According to a recent CIBC poll, 77% of Canadians were found to have been targeted by scammers, either by phone, email or text, with more than half experiencing it at least once a month. More than 85% Canadian surveyed consider financial fraud “a fact of life in the age of digital information”, with email fraud believed to be the most prevalent type.


The survey shows that text fraud is the No. 2 most prevalent fraud type among the 18-to-34-year-old age group behind email. Overall, the most common forms of financial fraud after email were phone fraud (42%), text fraud (37%), and device-based fraud (14%). 

The poll also showed that 75%  of Canadians wish there was more they could do to protect their elderly parents from financial fraud and two-thirds are concerned their elderly parents will be targeted.

Awareness is the first step to fraud prevention,” says Norah McCarthy, Senior Vice President, Retail Transaction Fraud and Client Account Management, CIBC. “Our poll results show that constant vigilance is the best way to protect yourself. Fraud comes in many forms and can have serious consequences if you don’t take steps to protect yourself. Protecting yourself begins with recognizing and reporting fraud when you see it.”

CIBC takes fraud very seriously. We continuously monitor client accounts and work to protect our clients from fraudulent activity,” says Ms. McCarthy.

Some of the basic fraud prevention tips can be found on CIBC’s website at this link.


  • Mamba

    I’ve noticed an increase of email scams in the last 3 months, especially from “Apple Support”. Got 3 of those in the last month alone. Also got a couple phone scams from that Indian guy, claiming I owe CRA taxes, that many others has experienced.

    One thing I gotta say to these scammers…. you guys really need to work on your English.

  • Bill___A

    They’re not a “fact of life”. Our laws need to be updated, and our technology suppliers need to ensure that their infrastructure is robust enough to handle these things. There’s no way that millions of Canadians should have to get phoned repeatedly every single day by scammers using fake calling line id’s. There are ways to stop it, there is software out there and there is the mechanism. We just need the legal basis to filter calls and to hold accountable those who are abusing the system. As to email, the tools are out there, but as long as places, including some certain major corporations fail to configure things, we get problems. I configured my email to watch for “issues’ and found all sorts of companies that had their configurations wrong.

  • Bill___A

    Why are you helping them?

  • Robert ADDINGTON

    Unfortunately, many of these crooks are outside Canada and beyond the reach of our law.

  • Victorious Secret

    Scammers continue to scam because unfortunately they work. People are too stupid or caught off guard and fall for them. Especially the elderly.

    Just human nature based on greed to steal form others.