Canadians Still Suffer From ‘Bill Shock,’ CRTC Promises Review of Wireless Code



According to a new survey commissioned by the CRTC, a large number of Canadians still suffer from “bill shock,” which is the feeling you get when your monthly bill is higher than expected.

The survey was sent out to assess the impact of the wireless code the CRTC launched in 2013. The telecom regulator created the code to help customers better understand their cellular plans and all the fees associated with their monthly bills.

According to the survey, about 21 percent of Canadians still said they experience “bill shock.” Approximately half of Canadians surveyed said that they paid data overage fees, which ranged between $50 and $250, in the past year. On customer said:

“Cellular providers gouge based on demand. It used to be minutes, now it’s data. Data is ridiculously overpriced and intentionally confusing.”

The survey polled 1,277 Canadian adults who have a cellular plan. OpenMedia spokesman David Christopher said that one of the biggest problems the CRTC has to address is international roaming fees. In addition, a lot of customers believe that Canadian carriers should start offering unlimited data plans.

The CRTC has announced that they will be holding a public hearing in February to review the wireless code.

[via CBC]



  • Geoffrey Spencer

    It is about time to unlimited data plans for only $10 extra a month.

  • Chrome262

    or how about it now, for the money I pay sheesh, its like 150 for two phones and 6 gig shared. data level is fine but man, drop that to 100 and i will be happy

  • Christine Williams

    I don’t think unlimited data plans are a good idea. We all know that Bell Rogers and Telus stick together and use loop holes in CRTC ‘s rules. I can see the big three offering unlimited data and then when you hit 2GB they would slow down the speed to make it unusable and give some lame excuse why. Look at what they did with the CRTC’s order to offer affordable low cost basic tv service. They packaged the shit channels together and called it done. The big 3 would pull the same lame move if there were ordered to offer unlimited data.

  • Cornfed710

    Switch to Public Mobile 🙂

  • Kael

    It’s not the amount of data, it’s the cost of the data that is the issue. It needs to be much cheaper. 2 gigs data with unlimited calling should be half of the $90 that rogers is charging. (just like it is in Saskatchewan)

  • raslucas

    Ya. I think that considering the amount of data we get on base plans, I think the data amounts should be more generous.

    I don’t like having to constantly be hunting for promotional deals. Maybe the solution is to tell carriers they have to commit to any plan for 3 or 6 months or something.

  • Chrome262

    um yeah…from what my friends who were with wind during the conversion, says its still pretty bad on the coverage. and its not LTE, unless you pay for the top. And, some if the iPhone users aren’t getting LTE.

  • xxxJDxxx

    This is public mobile you’re talking about? Coverage should be identical to Telus/Bell and it is LTE.

  • Cornfed710

    That’s correct. You guys should give Public Mobile a try. Has nothing to do with Freedom Mobile/Wind. I get lots of LTE lol

  • Chrome262

    Yeah only if you buy their top plan, if you have the lower plan its 3g, not saying its not a good deal.

  • Chrome262

    just checked, pay about the same with 6 gigs I share now (3 gig) per month.

  • xxxJDxxx

    You could get 4gb per line and save $20/month with public mobile based on a 90 day 12gb plan. That’s with Canada wide calling too. Would come in a bit cheaper if you took province wide calling instead.

  • Chrome262

    yeah i noticed that, problem is i have family in the states, but I could audio fact time. I think its and option when my contract ends.