Canadians to Change Facebook Habits Following Data Mining Scandal


Last week, it was reported that Facebook is being investigated by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) following Cambridge Analytica’s alleged “harvesting” of data belonging to 50 million people. Now, an online survey conducted by the Angus Reid Institute following the data mining scandal has revealed that 73% of Canadians plan to change their Facebook habits (via CBC News).

Facebook cambridge analytica

Nearly 10% of Canadians who participated in the survey said they would either delete or suspend their Facebook account. Almost 41% of Facebook users surveyed said they would continue to use the platform, but would modify their usage or change their privacy settings, whereas 23% said they would use it less. 27% of participants said the recent data-mining scandal wouldn’t change how they use Facebook.

However, the survey found that the Facebook users who planned to delete or suspend their accounts were already less active.

Twenty-six per cent of people who used Facebook once a week or less said they’d delete or suspend their account, but only five per cent of users who logged onto Facebook daily would do the same. In the same survey, roughly 38 per cent of Canadians said their opinion of Facebook has worsened in the last month.

The institute conducted two online surveys, the first between Feb. 28 and March 2, among a representative randomized sample of 1,501 Canadian adults, and the second from March 21 to 22, among a representative randomized sample of 1,509 Canadian adults.


  • It’s Me

    …And yet they will still keep using Android and other google based products and services, which is a far greater threat than Facebook, given the mountains of data they collect. Far more of a threat than facebook (which is a sewer).

  • Jason

    Deleted a week before this happened. Less stress in my life now, gave up all news altogether as well.

  • Riddlemethis

    It sounds like you have shares in Facebook stock and a subscriber to Trump’s version of alternative facts. You’re adding Google as a red herring to deflect the real issue about Facebook.

  • Riddlemethis

    Many people especially Canadians, Ma and Pa MacDonald will never ditch their fb account which fb intentionally makes difficult to delete. Furthermore, much misinformation is floating around saying all you need to do is change your privacy settings and remove your apps or links to your fb account. The truth is that’s not enough. Fb has scrapers and more to access your personal info and track your movements. That’s the real issue here.

  • It’s Me

    Then honestly, you must not be a very perceptive person. Certainly not very bright.

    Facebook is one one of the creepiest companies inthe world. Their users are amongst the dumbest when it comes to common sense about personal info. Trump is terrifying and a psychotic.

    But if you think mentioning google, who has far, far more data on you and everyone else and on billions more than Facebook, is a red herring, then I’m sorry, you’re nearly Trumpian in your inability to think critically. The amount of data facebook is able to collect about you is a pittance compared to the masses of data google generates and harvests on you. Where do you think the real personal data threat lays?

  • Brenda

    The real issue isn’t Facebook having access to personal info. You consent to that when you sign up for an account and you’re in control of what you post. And why just single out Facebook? Google Maps probably knows more about my comings and goings than Facebook ever will.
    The problem is people who rely on Facebook as a reliable news source.