What Apple’s CarPlay Looks Like in the New Mercedes-Benz C-Class [PICS]


Apple announced its new CarPlay iPhone integration earlier today and we also saw Volvo show off a hands-on video of the new system coming to its XC90 SUV. Now, Mercedes-Benz has also shared images of what CarPlay will look like in its all new C-Class model.

“Two years ago we set a new trend with the integration of the smartphone into our vehicles, and Apple and Google have picked it up,” according to Prof Dr Thomas Weber, Member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG, responsible for Group Research & Mercedes-Benz Cars Development. “We offer our customers an ideal in-car infotainment system. We are constantly developing the connected car with the latest technologies available, so that every Mercedes-Benz driver can use their smartphone in the car in full comfort and safety.”

Check out the images below:

MB carplay

MB carplay2

MB carplay3

What do you think of CarPlay? This integration by Mercedes-Benz isn’t exactly flush mounted, but rather an afterthought it seems. Let us know what you think in the comments. More images can be seen here.


  • Chrome262

    Yeah, like I put it in my self lol. But glad more and more cars have Phone integration. Not that I own a car lol

  • Farids

    The “not so flush mounted, afterthought display” seems to be the new trend now and not limited to MB. Mazda’s new models have that style of display too, see the new Mazda 3’s interior. Fiat, Mini and Nissan’s upcoming models will also have the styling in 2015 models. One of those strange styles I guess… And of course Apple being Apple, will put the least number of icons there to make sure they they have the final say. Thank god for “Jailbreak”!!! We will have that display populated with all the colourful icons and tweaks pretty soon, and drive while our passengers play Fruit Ninja on the dash!

  • haha…Angry Birds while on the highway, a recipe for disaster!