CBC to Launch Ad-Free Streaming Service with Revamped TV App, Premium Membership to Cost $4.99


According to a series of tweets from James Wattle, CBC is planning to launch a paid version of a new CBC TV app that will let users watch programs without ads.

The leaked documents reveal that the new app will allow users to live stream CBC TV, watch episodes on demand on the same day they’re released, see ad-free children’s programing, and see series not aired on the network.

The app will reportedly go live tomorrow and will offer all 14 of its regional channels. Users will be able to watch for free, however, creating a free CBC account will let them access even more content.

If you want the ad-free version of this service, you will have to pay $4.99 per month. The broadcaster seems to be shifting as more consumers are getting their content from streaming services like Netflix.


  • Joe

    Will this include access to Hockey Night in Canada? One would think so, but I’m not sure how they’d square that with the commitment to provide ad-free experiences.

  • Flash

    Currently you have to hit up CBC sports for hockey streams. And the ad free is only for on demand shows not live tv.

  • Michael Hinks

    I would pay 5 bucks for cbc. Just the sports would be worth it. I hope they offer it in Korea.

  • mxmgodin

    Ad-free is nice. Radio-Canada’s streaming service (tou(dot)tv) has a premium tier ($7/month, if I remember), that gives you access to more series and movies, and early access to some stuff, but it’s still ad-supported even if you pay.

  • space2001

    Currently the CBC TV app is restricted to Canadian internet addresses. I don’t think that is likely to change, but you could send them a comment/question on the app

  • Brenda

    $4.99 is too much for what you get so I’ll continue to put up with ads on the free streaming services or watch on demand. I’d pay twice that amount if I could get the real BBC (all channels, of course) live from the UK legally. There’s a tremendous difference in quality.

  • Tim

    Half the price of a Netflix membership so that you can binge Murdoch Mysteries. No thanks.