National Action Plan Being Developed by Canadian Coalition on Distracted Driving



The recently formed Canadian Coalition on Distracted Driving (CCDD), a first of its kind initiative by the Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF), Drop It And Drive and The Co-operators, has started developing a National Action Plan to combat distracted driving (via CNW).

The multi-sectoral group includes members from various levels of government, enforcement and other sectors, with expertise in road safety research, injury prevention and health care, insurance, automotive and trucking industries.

“As a member of the Canadian Coalition on Distracted Driving, the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario understands the importance of tackling this problem in our province and across the country.  Sharing strategies and data will assist us all in addressing this increasingly significant issue,” said John Lefebvre, Manager, Special Projects, Safety Policy & Education Branch, Ministry of Transportation of Ontario.

At the meeting, a number of options were discussed and considered for possible inclusion in the National Action Plan. These included the identification of priority data and indicators that represent an important step forward in improving understanding of the issue.

Robyn Robertson, President & CEO of TIRF, said that the complexity of the distracted driving problem makes it a challenge to change behaviour. “The diversity of agencies that are participating in the Coalition speaks not only to the pervasiveness and seriousness of this issue, but also to their commitment to sharing expertise to find the most effective ways to keep Canadians safe”, he added.

Distracted driving is widely considered a top priority by both provincial and territorial governments, who are now deeply engaged in activities designed to address the issue.


  • Dan

    Let people use/check them while not in motion, IE at a light. Impound their car if caught in motion. That would IMO help quite a bit. No one is getting injured or killed stopped at a light.

  • Quattro

    What if you’re so caught up in what you’re doing, you don’t notice your foot slowly slacking off the break and you start to roll forward (regrettably speaking from experience… but luckily without incident)? I’ve also noticed that happen to one or two other people… their head down and the car gradually starting to creep forward.

  • Ashley Mann

    Sometimes I think to myself, how did Canada get to be so whimpy and retarded.

  • fatiredflyer

    Never mind impounding the car, impound THE DEVICE!
    Legislation already exists for radar warning debives which are much less deadly.