ChangeWave Survey Reveals iPhone Demand at ‘Normal’ Levels


The most recent ChangeWave survey (Via Techcrunch) that aims to track North American demand for devices and satisfaction with handsets reinforces what initial reports said about the iPhone: interest is down, while Samsung sales could gain traction in the first three months of this year.


Before the launch of the iPhone 5, 71% of the surveyed North Americans were planning to buy an iPhone, but that picture looked a bit different in December. According to the ChangeWave study iPhone consumer demand has dropped to 50% (one in two North Americans) planning to purchase an iPhone in early 2013.

Despite the 21% drop there is little unusual about this phenomenon, as consumer demand usually spikes after an iPhone release and then drops to a lower mark. Still it worth to be noted here that demand for the iPhone 4S following its launch remained higher than for the iPhone 5. Apple continues to exceed Samsung in every aspect, but the South Korean manufacturer’s handsets have recorded significant gains in this study.


To put that into numbers: Consumer demand for Samsung handsets increased an unprecedented 8%, and now accounts for 21%, with the Samsung Galaxy S III being the most sought-after device (69% of overall demand), followed by the Galaxy Note 2 (23% of consumer interest).

Turns out North Americans are interested in purchasing “phablet” devices with more than 25% wanting a screen that’s at least 5-inches, while the 4 to 4.9-inch category remains on the top of consumer demand.

In terms of mobile OS satisfaction, Apple’s iOS is still the leader with a 71% satisfaction rate, despite earlier reports of dropping consumer satisfaction with the launch of iOS 6. Microsoft grabbed the second spot with its Windows Phone 8, the choice of 54% of those surveyed. Android ranked third with only 48% being “very satisfied” with the platform.


  • ABetterWorld

    The only hard numbers given about this Apple “downfall”, are the stock prices. It’s all gossip and emotions. No one really knows what Apple’s numbers are but Apple.

  • Yep. We’ll find out the numbers at the 2013 Q1 earnings call soon enough.

  • Sure enough, there’s quite a lot of things happening in Apple. They reduced their orders (iPhone 5 parts) and then changes to the top-level guys in retail… something’s cooking for sure and they’re probably trying to figure out why people are losing interest. I think it’s largely due to awareness.