Check Out Samsung’s ‘Wake Up’ Protest Outside the Sydney Apple Store [VIDEO]


Umm…no comment here but just one giant WTF?! Samsung launched a ‘WAKE UP.” protest outside the Sydney Apple Store in Australia. A black bus pulled up outside and protesters in black t-shirts shouted “WAKE UP.” directly to the store, notes Android and Me:

This week in Australia, Samsung hired a marketing agency called Tongue to conduct some kind of guerrilla marketing campaign where they sent a bus of protesters to an Apple store and taunted people with the message “WAKE UP.”

Check it out below, as captured by YouTube user Blunty3000, who just happened to be outside the Apple Store at the time:

Way to go, Samsung! We’ve seen other Samsung campaigned aimed at Apple users here.

[via Android and Me via Mumbrella]


  • Ljmyst3ry

    Jelousy has no limits!

  • WAKE UP.

  • What has Samsung done so magnificently that it thinks it deserves top crown in the smartphone market? They do produce good hardware obviously, but the ecosystem of Android that it relies on is pure Google, without any input/influence from Samsung at all.

    Samsung telling people to wake up and use THEIR product which they only half created? Right.

  • True. Without Android OS, Samsung would be a mess.

  • neodoru

    Wake up to what?! To touchwiz (which is a lot worse than vanilla ics)?!??? Lol

  • Londonfish

    I have used 3 non-smart Samsung phones before my IPhone, and I had good impression with Samsung. But their advertising or marketing campaign kinda tick me off. If your product is soooo great and popular, you don’t need to do this kind of childish thing in front of your competitor’s store. Apple didn’t send vans with loud speakers into my neighbour to promote their products, it is I who go and find out why and how good they are and became their customer. There is something wrong with the Samsung team in Australia, I remember they had a $1 Galaxy sale on the day iPhone 4S was launched. Samsung phones are good enough, just show insecurity.

  • Bbbb

    right, apples campaigns are much better. they promote design and looks of your phone over specifications and actually innovations 

  • I know, Apple so never talks about specs like camera quality, display resolution, battery life, dual core chipset, graphic speeds, antenna innovations… wait a minute. 

  • Vikram662

    Samsung should keep the guerrilla marketing campaign money and spend it on creating a better product. That may work better.

    *Kanye Shrug*

  • excaliburca

    The fact all of you are talking about Samsung’s marketing stunt means it worked.  The hardcore Apple users are going to either laugh or call Samsung lame, but the more casual or fickle user will take a look at the Galaxy or other Samsung product.

    Apple and it’s fans are going to have to grow a thick skin: Apple is the biggest company by market capital in the world now, which means it now has a target painted on it’s back.  Stunts like this are going to become more common.

  • Edge

    Once again Gary, you have posted false information (as you now realize). You might be saying, “but ‘other’ people said it was Samsung, I just copied them! (and besides, a headline like that will get me lots of hits!)”. We’ve seen this before, the question is, what kind of site is this, and what do you want it too be! (Honest and informative, even funny, or just flashy and hit grabbing!)

  • Hattori

    It was RIM. Not Samsung.