Check Out the HTML5 Replica of the iOS App Clear Created in Two Days


Developer Evan You from New York City loved the Clear iOS app so much he decided to replicate the app with HTML5, and was able to get a neat demo completed in just two days. He demonstrated the app in a video posted to his Vimeo earlier this morning.

A HTML5 replica of the awesome Clear iphone app (UI only). I was fascinated by the innovative gesture controls and wanted to see if I can implement the look and feel in HTML5 using CSS3 transitions. Didn’t get 100% of the details, and there are a lot of bugs, but it looks pretty close.


The demo works fairly well on your iOS device, and should give anyone curious about the Clear iOS app a good indication of how it works. The ‘pull to create item’ is a spot on replica of the iOS app. Just visit this URL from your iPhone: or watch the demo video below:

You can read our review of Clear here.

[via Hacker News]


  • Ari

    *Sigh* This just show how superficial “Clear” really is. It is a “todo” list for hipsters who are so wealthy that they don’t need to work for a living. Even the Reminders app built into iOS 5 has better functionality.

  • Wealthy hipster… Seriously? You have to be wealthy to buy iOS apps now? I wasn’t aware of this. /rant

    I have a few note taking apps that I use for different reasons/tasks. I absolutely LOVE this one and have been using it regularly over the past 2 or 3 days. The UI is so simple and efficient that jotting down some quick to-dos is a pinch (literally) so I can get on with waisting my time on other things instead of note-taking. +1 for the sounds as well they compliment the experience well, making an audio confirmation that you did or didn’t do the right gesture.

    So useful all in all I would say. But if it pleases you, I can go put on some thick black rimmed glasses and take a moody pic of myself with instagram… wait, do us Hipsters still wear thick rimmed glasses?

  • Don’t forget the (designer brand) skinny jeans!

  • Right! Hey so… if I can’t feel my toes when I wear them, have I gone too hipster?