Check Out These Early iPhone Prototypes Revealed via Court Documents [PICS]


With a full scale Apple versus Samsung trial set to take place, The Verge has uncovered images of early iPhone prototypes dating back to 2006. These images will either blow you away or make your cringe, but either way it gives us a rare glimpse into the design world of Jony Ive and his team at Apple.

The Verge points out one particular design known as “Jony”, inspired by Sony that resembles the body of the iPhone 4, as well as some other 2006 designs. Here are a few sample images of the galleries posted by The Verge below:

The Sony-inspired ‘Jony’ design:

The codenamed ‘N90’ design:

Could this have been one of your old iPhones? You’ll never know:

Check out the rest over at The Verge or check out the full PDF trial brief here.

Which prototype above do you think is the best or the worst?


  • More then not protos r ugly. really no exception here. Nice Jony style with moderen yet simplistic techno beauty. But Another red-eyed wasted read. Nice to know tho that Jony’s ‘home’ for now (and hopefully many years to come) is living with our favorite corporate bigwig ?