CIBC Launches In-App Voice Commands for Navigation in iOS App


CIBC has updated their iOS (and Android) app with new voice command features, to let customers search and access banking tasks, hands-free. Users can say for example “send money”, and options will appear to send an e-Transfer or Global Money Transfer.

Aayaz Pira, Senior Vice President, CIBC Digital Retail & Business Banking, said in a statement to iPhone in Canada, “By adding voice commands, we’re deepening the mobile experience and laying the foundation to build a unique, personalized in-app search engine that will allow clients to verbally call up any past banking transaction on their mobile device.”

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Also new are how-to videos in the Help page to detail key transactions you can do in the app.

The voice command feature joins the previous introduction of the CIBC mobile app’s Digital Cart, which allows users to open a new deposit account, apply for overdraft protection and credit card in one place, what the financial institution calls “a first to Canadian banking.”

Earlier today, according to Surviscor’s 2017 report, CIBC was ranked first in mobile banking in Canada.

Click here to download CIBC for iOS in the App Store.


  • Aleks Oniszczak

    Wow, they should work on their basic usability first. I wouldn’t trust it. If you want to repeat a payment once – it won’t do it. If you DON’T want to repeat any payments at all – there is no setting for that!!! You have to tell it to REPEAT ONCE to not repeat AT ALL! How can you trust voice input when they can’t get a drop-down menu right?

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