Cineplex Mobile App May Soon Allow Moviegoers to Pre-Order Popcorn


According to a report by CTV News, Cineplex iOS and Android app users in Canada may soon be able to pre-order popcorn and other snacks before heading to the theatres. “We are testing it and we are looking at it, especially in the VIP cinemas, where you can basically walk in and have everything ready to go,” said president and CEO Ellis Jacob.


Mr. Jacob revealed that Cineplex is focusing on concession stand sales, restaurants and bars to continue to drive growth. He highlighted the potential of such an option after his company reported a A4 profit of $28.8 million, up from $23.3 million a year earlier, driven in large part by concession stand sales. Cineplex saw its concession revenue per patron grew 9.4% to a record $6.29 in the last quarter.

Moviegoers are opting for premium, VIP tickets that offer in-seat ordering and roomier, reclining chairs are opting to spend more, Jacob said.

Customers are also heading to the theatre early to stock up on snacks and take advantage of the company’s in-seat, pre-screening game Time Play that pits moviegoers against each other in an interactive, trivia game where they can win prizes, he said.

Jacob indicated that Cineplex will keep concentrating on some of its other entertainment offerings, including the Rec Rooms, restaurants and bars outfitted with arcades and other interactive games.

Cineplex is now planning to open 10 to 15 more Rec Room locations over the next few years, with the concept popping up in London and Mississauga, Ontario in the next 12 months.


  • David

    They should upgrade the app to support iPhone X first

  • iverge

    Pre-order popcorn and snacks? Sorry but I bring my own at a fraction of the cost.

  • Widohmaker

    Please note, plural of popcorn is popcorn. Not popcorns.

  • Many99

    Great idea, now if only they allowed us to use our phone as our ticket instead having to print out a ticket

  • Brenda

    I was able to do this at one theatre, but only once. Whoever was taking tickets looked at the receipt on my phone and waved me through. Either he was a new employee or knew something that the others didn’t.

  • Brenda

    According to Cineplex, I attended more than fifty movies last year (yes, I’m a big movie fan). Concessions are where they make a profit, yet I rarely bought popcorn because it’s too expensive. I might have bought snacks if they had been more appealing (you can get better from a vending machine) and more coffee if the concession stand was closer to the entrance to the movie I was attending.

    The Cineplex theatre that I go to most frequently has several concession stands but the only one that’s open is on the main floor of a three level theatre. You can’t get a drink in the middle of the movie without exiting the theatre and reentering by the main entrance. The only option for a coffee after the movie is Tim Horton’s just outside the theatre. The food at the concession stand is junk and they rarely have fresh coffee.

    Parents and grandparents I’ve talked to hate the idea of VIP cinemas because children aren’t allowed. Arcades appeal to a limited number of people. The Cineplex app and website are too complicated for some. Reserved seating in UltraAVX theatres is a headache if you’re meeting a group of friends and purchase your tickets individually because you can’t always get seating next to each other. They’ve discontinued or severely limited the number of live or almost live special events (National Theatre Live, Royal Opera ballets and contemporary dance events, classic films) that more people would go to if they knew were taking place. Good luck finding any information on their website. Oh, and the movie downloads are more expensive than iTunes.

    Whoever is in charge at the top hasn’t a clue about what filmgoers want.

  • mcfilmmakers

    When I worked at my local cineplex, concessions was packed with long lines due to their inclusion of Pizza Hut, Burger King, New York fries, etc. They’ve since cut their deal with these companies and now they have only a small number of cineplex branded stands all offering the same junk. There are no more long lines.

    The arcade section was also off to one side, out of the way and honestly quite popular. They’ve since moved the machines to the middle of the complex, requiring visitors to meander through the arcadesnto get to the ticket booth.

    The arcade is no longer busy and frankly the theatre is empty.

    The management is a disaster now and clearly they don’t know what their customers want.