Coast Capital Savings Launches Apple Pay for Debit and Credit [u]


Coast Capital Savings has launched Apple Pay for debit and credit card users, making it the first credit union in Canada to support the mobile wallet. The announcement comes after the credit union started teased yesterday on social media something big was set to launch today; many customers suspected Apple Pay was coming.

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Coast Capital Savings says you can load your card on up to five devices, and for debit users, a Flash-enabled card is not required. At point of sale terminals in stores, transaction limits are $100 per debit and credit card purchase, but may differ depending on merchants.

Card verification is via email or by phone. If you choose the email verification option, you’ll receive a six-digit one-time password (expires in 24 hours) to enter into the Wallet app.

Apple Pay works on an iPhone SE or newer, Apple Watch paired with an iPhone 5 or newer, iPad Pro, iPad Air 2 or newer, iPad mini 3 or newer.

Last year, other credit unions in Canada launched their own Mobile Pay solution, instead of supporting Apple Pay or Android Pay. Looks like Coast Capital Savings made a good decision to opt out and support Apple Pay instead.

Let us know how your Apple Pay setup goes with Coast Capital. Apple should be updating their Apple Pay support document soon to list Coast Capital Savings.

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  • Bradley Smith

    Doesn’t seem to work with iPad Pro. Gives me a message indicating that it can only be used with purchases on iPhone or Apple Watch.

  • Chrome262

    Need more banks to set up the debit option.

  • Weird. Their documentation states iPad Pro is supported. We’ll get back with an answer.

  • bbousquet

    Meanwhile, at the Capital One headquarters: “zzzzzzzz….”

  • tdotpawel

    Debit cards are not supported for in-app purchases and therefore not supported on the iPad. Credit cards should work fine. You can find this info on coast capital website in the FAQ section of Apple Pay.

  • Bradley Smith

    Ah. Thanks! I hadn’t read through the details. Guess I just got too excited. Wish it would work for in-app purchases, but I guess I understand why not (at least for now).

  • Yannick

    Desjardins no longer considered a CU?

  • bbousquet

    It is. The article should have read “the second credit union in Canada to support the mobile wallet”.

  • Coast Capital on Twitter–they may be mistaken:

  • Cornfed710

    For credit cards only I guess

  • jabohn

    Somewhat related… PC Financial banking is no more and will to be rebranded with a new CIBC brand. Maybe that new brand will finally allow us to use debit with Apple Pay. PC Financial MasterCard is unaffected.

  • BeaveVillage

    Still waiting for CUETS Mastercard to jump on it already.