Companies Emerge Offering Remote iPhone IMEI Unlocks–Real or Fake?


A couple companies have suddenly started offering ‘permanent’ IMEI unlocks for iPhones. Typically, this IMEI unlocks are only available through Apple’s database, and unlock services available through various carriers. In Canada, Roger and Fido offer such unlocking services.

According to MuscleNerd, well-established unlock companies have started selling IMEI unlocks today out of the blue, which would indicate a potential leak on Apple’s side, or a hack into their database

He goes on to mention that the ‘grey market’ access into Apple’s database has been around for a while, but normally only at brick and mortar stores.

Two companies, Negri Electronics and CutYourSIM are offering these remote IMEI iPhone unlocking solutions. Prices right now are $169-175 to permanently unlock your iPhone. Is this legit? We’ll soon find out.

For those wanting to ignore the whole jailbreak to unlock game, permanent IMEI unlocks are highly coveted by many. I purchased my iPhone 4 unlocked from Apple, and it’s been a joy while traveling overseas.

It would be easy for Apple to trace back which IMEIs were unlocked ‘unofficially’, so I wouldn’t want to be the first person to try this out. @chronic says this is a legitimate unlock, as the process ‘whitelists IMEIs’.

Let us know if you choose to do this!

[@MuscleNerd, ModMyi, MacStories]


  • Anonymous

    For the price? Of cause my answer will be no. If they charge for $50 or less then I will go for it. I don’t travel a lot and mostly I travel to the US and I have a company issued BB that I can use for free. The only time in the next couple years I will want to be able to use my iPhone is when I go to China, but for the price I will rather and it will be cheaper to just get a local pre paid phone.

  • Anonymous

    I can do it for you! I charge 180$ you can pay me using PayPal and simply send me the model of your iPhone and the IMEI which can be found by dialing *#06#

    Let me know if interested!

  • Anonymous

    It’s a little steep but for the Americans this might be a worthwhile route.

  • JSR84

    170 dollars, their just as bad as the Mobil providers. Get bent

  • Eady

    i am interested please send an email to me ….

  • I’d do it if the price were better. Or if someone else payed for it. I can see how the price would be attractive for people that travel a lot. My buddy is in a band from Vancouver and when they tour in the states his cell bill is generally $200-$300 more per month of touring.

  • Anonymous

    Wait l until the weekend.
    This way you will know for sure if it is real and if Apple will fix this breach.

    Read the Modmyi link above and check other forums as well… Many people were willing to dish out the $175 to a few individuals to see if the unlock is real. Results should be in by the end of today but give it a few more days until this weekend to see how it plays out.

    Remember Apple can relock your phone.

  • Drocass

    Legit or not, $170 is a joke. You can’t even boost sale price online with a price like that.
    Just keep jail breaking and save that money lol

  • Anonymous

    I remember reading that TELUS was going to do it for their customers for 50$…. I wonder if they are doing that yet? $180 is ludicrous.

  • Lewis Kezagger

    Why not just go online and order a factory one unlocked already. The cost needs to come way way down to make this work. You can get a permanent unlock for a blackberry for $5

  • Anonymous

    It was rogers and fido that are doing it.

  • Dennis

    Dude, who are you? Are you an official sponsor? This is for comments not advertising. The IMEI contains the iPhone model info. The TAC (Type Allocation Code) is the first 8 digits of the IMEI code. IF you could remotely unlock with an IMEI you would have known that…

  • but don’t you have to be near the end of your contract to be able to pay the 50 and unlock?

  • Anonymous

    I just checked, you have to be finished your contract with rogers. Telus is doing it for $50 at anytime during your contract for the majority of handsets. iPhone is not eligible yet, but will be very soon.

  • Anonymous

    My bad, you have to be 90 days or more into your contract with telus.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • roadcarver

    I think you need to ‘own’ the phone and must be on their records ie. not purchased from ebay or kijiji.

  • iifone

    $170? screw that, i’d rather take chance of jailbreaking …
    they r exploiting people