‘iPhone XI’ Concept Imagines Apple’s Flagship Smartphone for 2018


The folks over at iDrop News have just shared their latest iPhone concept, imagining 2018’s flagship OLED ‘iPhone XI’ which Apple might release this year as a successor to the iPhone X, featuring a smaller notch, a dual-SIM card tray, an upgraded camera and improved internals.

IPhone XI Concept Images iDrop News 71

The concept ‘iPhone XI’ features roughly the same form factor and size as the iPhone X, and retains its glass construction and edge-to-edge 5.8-inch display. While the design will likely remain the same, the metal frame could be updated to allow for faster data transmissions. Based on Ming-Chi Kuo’s earlier predictions, the device could also sport a dual-SIM card tray. 

IPhone XI Concept Images iDrop News 4

The iPhone XI also has front- and rear-facing AR and Face ID capabilities without two separate TrueDepth sensors.

“With some clever engineering, the company could use one camera and one set of TrueDepth sensors — and just make those components dual-directional by mounting them vertically.

Apple could “wrap” the black sensor housing around both sides of the device, allowing the TrueDepth Camera — and its advanced array of sensors — to be used in both a front-facing and rear-facing manner. To make that happen, the company would apply a wide-angle fisheye or 360-degree lens tech to the system.”

Check out some more images below and tell us what you think.

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  • Tim

    Maybe the slogan will be “iPhone XI: 20% less notch!”

  • Tim

    Also, the dual SIM thing is silly. Apple wants e-sims, not more SIMS.

  • geekyaleks

    eSim would be really great. One could flip providers even easier with an e-sim…

  • Aleks Oniszczak

    Smaller notch? I thought everyone loved it. It should be bigger! 😉

  • raslucas

    If Apple made an iPhone that only supported e-sims today, it may not support Rogers. Was it not their current lack of support for them that prevented the Apple Watch with LTE from coming to Rogers?

    I also don’t think Dual sim is on the horizon for Apple because dual sims aren’t really a thing in the states ( it’s more popular in China). So I think it’s a hard sell to Americans (and Canadians too really) that they desperately needed the extra space the audio jack used to use… only to waste a ton of space in a phone for something they most likely won’t use.

    I’m not saying Apple doesn’t care about China and that market… but they’re an American company. “America-first” eh?