Concept Imagines Jony Ive’s Futuristic All-Glass iPhone [PICS]


According to recent rumours, Apple is aiming for their next-generation iPhone to have a very thin bezel. It is likely that the “iPhone 8” will contain a small bezel at the top to account for the speaker, front-facing camera, and light sensor.

Jony Ive is reportedly aiming for an iPhone that is made from a single sheet of glass. A new concept by Daniel Csonth shows how that ambitious goal might look.

Csonth’s idea that we may see this with the iPhone 8 seems very unlikely, but there are already ideas on how to embed speakers and light sensors into displays, so it’s definitely something that Apple will at least prototype when the time is right.

Any screen, all-glass iPhone would have to be absolutely outstanding at palm-rejection, to ensure that the content at the edge of the display would not be actioned upon unintentionally.

What do you think of the single sheet of glass iPhone concept? Let us know in the comments below.



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