CONFIRMED: Bell and Telus To Launch iPhone 3G/3GS In Canada!


After announcing the launch of the new HSPA+ network from Bell and Telus and the rumored launch of the iPhone in November, Bell and Telus have now officially confirmed that the iPhone 3G/3GS will be available in November 2009.

Bell and Telus, through a joint collaboration, have completed their HSPA+ network earlier than scheduled and have official agreements with Apple Inc. to deliver the iPhone in Canada. The new network will house speeds of up to 21 Mbps, rivaling Rogers’ HSPA+ network that was announced just last month in only five cities across Canada.

The Bell/Telus network update and iPhone release news ends months of rumors and speculation about Rogers iPhone exclusivity agreements and the inability of Bell/Telus to be able to run the iPhone on their networks. At this time, it remains to be seen what the price of Bell/Telus monthly plans will be for the iPhone 3G/3GS and what features the plans will include.

As Canadians approach the 2009 holiday shopping season, the new network and device offers from Bell and Telus will bring increased wireless competition, carrier choice and potential price drops. This marks the first time in many years that Canada will have multiple GSM networks running on multiple companies.

One is left wondering what, if anything, Rogers Wireless will do to combat the new offers from Bell and Telus, as Rogers no longer has exclusivity with the iPhone which has been the company’s bread and butter for the last year and a half. However, over the last year Rogers has been changing their policies for the worse and increasing prices across the entire wireless division. With the new competing networks and iPhone availability from Bell and Telus, Rogers’ list of competitive advantages has almost hit zero. Simply bringing prices back to what they once were will not impress Canadians, as many argue that the prices should not have been increased to begin with.

Needless to say, it will be a very lucrative and interesting holiday quarter for both Telus and Bell. As for Rogers Wireless, they may have to increase prices some more to keep those annual executive bonuses.

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  • satch2501

    Rogers will soon be kissing our butts once again. Its amazing. As the saying goes: When you spit in the air, it always ends up coming back on your head.

    Bring out the umbrellas Rogers, it will rain spits all over.

  • Sylvain Tremblay

    Finally, some competition. That can't be bad

  • LOL!!!!!

  • Competition is always good!

  • Roger C. Carter III

    Competition is good but I expect Bell to charge insane prices. That's what they always do.

  • Name

    Well I think we can assume that Bell and Telus will be charging the same amount for the device, because I think Apple enjoys its equal pricing among retailers. But there will probably be better upgrading options for those existing customers. The real question is going to be just how good that GSM coverage will be. They finished this network rather fast, could they really have the same area as their CDMA covered? And how well will this network work? I think applauds should be saved until we see a coverage map. because nothing is a better iPhone then one without service

  • bcb

    well, I hope this actually means Rogers will offer more competitive pricing… or will Bell & Telus just charge similarly high prices? at least there's hope for competition for iPhone!

    in particular I'd like to see some more reasonable data roaming packages, right now it's ridiculously expensive on Rogers to use data when outside of Canada.

  • ifokust

    If Bell & Telus were smart they would come in just under Rogers current pricing for data & voice including tethering at an extra $5 per month.

  • ikris

    Here's my take. Telus and Bell will want people to sign up and possibly jump ship from Rogers. So there will probably be some early incentives and good prices for plans.
    But eventually all 3 carriers will fall in line with each other offering basically the same. Will that be lower than current Rogers deals? Maybe a little, but why would Telus and Bell offer really reduced prices long term when they know users will pay to have th iPhone. The 3 major carriers claim to be competitive, but rarely do they compete.
    More so than not they meet somewhere in the middle – to high end.
    Only time will tell.

  • jonomacdono

    My question is, will this announcment make Rogers roll out 3G in areas where they only have Edge any faster? I am in Sydney, Nova Scotia and my beef is that smaller towns in the province have 3G, and we still do not. If Bell or Telus launch in my area, and Rogers can't give me a firm date on 3G in the area I will not hesitate in switching to one of them. So my other question is, does anyone know how much i would be looking at to cancel my Rogers account, I resigned in June when the 3G[S] came out.

  • Rob433

    Collusion Collusion is what i say i can see them doing that. we under price themselfs out of the maeket for phone plans when they know what ppl are willing to pay already and bend over and take from their phone provider in order to have an iphone

  • I would assume they just setup the GSM network using the same towers they have in place now, so that would equal the same coverage?
    (feel free to prove me wrong, I'm not an engineer).

  • vanni

    Rogers will make you give up your crown jewels if you wish to cancel. think about it…. why should they let you off so that you can go and sign up with TelBell?

    Listen up folks. DONT EVER sign up for a contract longer than 2 years. You will regret it! I have NEVER signed up for one stinkin contract and never will. Go *Unlocked* all the way baby. The secret is to be patient and pickup discounted phones from all the hapless folks who cream their pants getting the latest and greatest , signing long term contracts, and then a few months later regret their monthly bills of > 100 per month. 12 x 100= 1200 x 3yrs = 3600$ … give your heads a shake fools! For that kind of money I can fly to Europe once a year!

  • Sylanel

    That sure is promising news for us customers… Yet, it remains unclear as to how this will be dealt between our major providers in Canada. They have been pulling the strings together to keep the prices up in Canada until now, so it's not clear whether they will really compete each others yet. We can only hope until we get more solid details on the plans pricing from both Bell and Telus. Let's hope they scare Rogers enough so we can get some savings before christmas!

  • name123123

    I thought bell's data plans were much more reasonable than Rogers, like $35 unlimited browsing

    I guess we'll see how the iPhone changes the game as usual

  • name123123

    its expensive just to get the data in the first place, let alone roaming

  • Dusty

    Good to see competition! Now to wait and find out some prices.

  • wuju

    Sadly I have the same feeling. The first 12 months to join is amazingly cheap but then it's back to the same high prices. Only time will tell. Off course one has to consider if Bell/Telus network coverage better than Rogers/Fido.

  • BrianY

    I think there will be no competitive pricing in terms of voice and data packges. The Big 3 share similar prices and I don't see why Telus/Bell would charge less when they know how much people are willing to pay for their handset and service.

  • reyt

    If Telus/Bell will not compete (eg. lower data/voice plans, incentives), then there really is no point moving from Robbers to them at this time…might as well wait for the next gen iphone ('hopefully next year), and then jump ship…I'm getting good 3G here in Calgary and still happy with 6GB plan and not sure how Bell/Telus will compare…

  • xaroc

    I said this Before on another Thread. Neither of these Servers are going to Lower prices to battle eachother
    Telus/Bell is going to match Rogers, Telus/Bell making the switch to a GSM costs money, its not as simple as flicking switches. YOU the customer are going to pay for those expensive changes , so dont expect prices to go down , expect them to be as high as rogers.

    Thats my frame of mind anyways. knowing the market, i dont see the customer getting any kind of break, Besides a Door Crasher deal when its first released. But then those people who are suckered in have to deal with shotty Service and Shotty Phones until the perfect the new Change , CDMA isnt the same as GSM, there is some fine tuning that is going to need to be done before its going to match rogers

  • Scott

    I can't speak for Telus but Bell's data plans rape Rogers atleast for anything over 500mb. $35 a month for 500mb, unlimited texting, call display and voicemail, or $45 for the same but unlimited data.

    Then again that is at the current pricing so Bell “could” go Rogers on us and jack up their prices before or when the iPhone launches. My guess is they won't though because they want to steal Rogers customers with lower prices.

    Not that it matters though because WIND's prices will drive everything down when they launch even though they won't have an iPhone at launch.

  • Stephen

    I will never look at, use or see any Bell product in or near my home, car, or life! Sorry I just do not like Bell. If you thought Rogers Customer service was bad (I have had no problems) I have had nothing but lousy service over the years with Bell, higher pricing as well. Customer service was rude, never would help a customer out, they were always correct you are always wrong. I will stick to Rogers.. sorry but I could not care if bell went bankrupt tomorrow. I am happy for Apple and the distribution and yes maybe we will get a price break but honestly.. I doubt it.

  • Name

    Well they could but the problem is you need a physically new radio tower. They could use the same physical tower, with just different radios on them for GSM, the question is whwether they have gsm towers covering the same area there cdma towers do. You cant just switch CDMA to broadcast GSM, its a whole new peice of equipment. Thats why the coverage would lack, the new equipment would cost abou 1 billion to cover all of Canada. And they did it rather fast, so i am only assuming the covered all the major areas, with not to much current focus on small and remote areas

  • I'm surprised but it is good news. I wouldn't use Bell if you paid me but competition should help lower price.

    It will be interesting if Bell has iPhone only plans like Rogers did. Remember Rogers had reasonable unlimited data plans before the iPhone but then created special iPhone data plans. Even if you had an existing dara plan you couldn't switch it to an iPhone.

  • I would rather have the latest iPhone with a 6 gig data plan than fly anywhere. I respect your way of doing things but we're not fools because we spend our money differently than you.

    I didn't like contracts before the iPhone because the phones weren't worth it. Now I save $500 on the price off the phone in exchange for being locked into a service that I would never consider canceling anyway. It's a no brainer for me.

  • I agree. Bell is the worst company I have ever had to deal with.

  • vanni

    and if the “other” guy offered yo uthe same services and plans for 200< a month because he wants your business…where would you spend the money?

    My point was to empower the consumer… and to make the telco bend to offer lower prices. Forget the Brand… look at PRICE!

  • I'm all for empowering the customer but signing a contract doesn't automatically make it a bad deal. In my case its a good deal. I've dealt with the other companies and they are far worse than Rogers. I guess there is a small risk for me that Bell or Telus suddenly become awesome companies but I don't see it happening.

  • Mo

    Lady liberty has & will come to our aid. This is the first step in a major decline for Rogers. I feel sorry for those who just signed up to 3 year contracts with evil Rogers. If Bell and Telus offer the same has Rogers, then they will not attract many customers and I doubt that they are so unaware of current complains against Rogers. Data plans cost must be on par with the United States!! Fido 500MB data plan at $25 is crack prices…

  • vanni

    Ok.. how about if we as consumers can force 2 yrs contracts like AT&T in the states offers. _Would_ not that be better?

    Please stop being defensive about YR brand and go with Principals ๐Ÿ˜‰ … trust me … it will be better for ALL of us. Keep the TELCOS on their toes. Force choices .. .we all win. Never say Never. With your number now being transportable you can hop around to WHOEVER gives YOU the best price. For example lets demand 2 yr contracts Max.

    PS there is another GSM carrier coming on stream shortly.. more choices…

  • 2 year contracts would be way better. Don't miss my point, consumers and voters need to pressure the mobile carriers and the government to stop the monopolistic practices in Canada. My only point is contracts aren't always bad and can make sense. I'm no Rogers fan believe me, I begrudgingly signed with them to get my hands on an iPhone. I have been pleasantly surprised by their service but they have a long way to go.

  • vanni

    _Now_ we are on the same page! We are both Demanding More for Less.. . from whomever will deliver. And keep them guessing as to where we take our business. I owe NO allegiance to any BRAND! I'll NEVER sing the praises of one or the other when it comes to cell carriers.

  • Oppal

    @luey “I wouldn’t use Bell if you paid me but competition should help lower price.”

    You NEVER NEVER want to say that publicly. It’s best to keep the telcos guessing as to which of them you will supplicate yourself in front of… hoping that by doing so prices will drop. What you do want to say to them: I will drop you faster than a hot turkey ball, or a dropped call, if i can get a better deal elsewhere.

  • MistahTibbs

    Not to be contrary but I've had some rough, but overall, very satisfactory experiences with Bell, although the Bell World people are hit and miss. Ranging from very helpful to completely uninterested drones.
    I'm hoping that the Bell plan I have on my Touch can, in some form, be transferred to the iPhone when I'm ready to upgrade.
    I was never ready to pay the $80+ that Rogers demanded for a complete iPhone experience.
    Here's hoping.


  • phy

    yes, I want one iPhone too!!!
    (and with something like the famous EasyTrails GPS app into it…)

  • rorypiper

    Both Bell and Telus have terrible customer service. Worse than Rogers, if you can believe it. I have no plans to jump the Rogers ship and board these other companies, but I am looking forward to what Rogers might do to hang onto their existing iPhone customers.

  • latitudeqd

    is this mean we can expect to buy sim-free iPhone from Canadian Apple Online Store and sell them for $$$$ on ebay?

  • 1His_Nibs1

    Don't kid yourselves people. Bell and Telus will keep the status quo and offer no relief on plans/hardware pricing. This will turn out to be a case of collusion just as in the oil industry/gas stations where prices are almost always the same wherever you go. Why would anyone want to shake things up (when as far as the executives in the board rooms of all four wireless providers are concerned) if you don't get/have a choice where are you going to go?

  • vanni

    where the hell you come up with that lame comment?

  • When I read the title I was like whhaaa Bell?? as in Southern Bell lmao…they are going tech backwards..lmao..!!

  • I've had all three companies, and you couldn't pay me to switch to Bell, Telus maybe. I actually don't mind Rogers too bad, except for the service here sucks! I live in a small town and have no service in half of it, and the service I do have is Edge and sometimes GPRS! All I hope is that this pushes Rogers to build their network to cover more areas.

  • Bruce

    Unfortunately for consumers, Rogers, Bell and Telus have been colluding on pricing for years. (And collectively they own the other Canadian carriers, Fido, Solo, Koodo and now even Virgin Canada.)

    I doubt that one of them will break ranks with the other two and offer lower prices unless or until the CRTC (populated by ex-executives of Rogers, Bell and Telus) forces them to.

  • johnflo88

    Here, here! i am ready to tell Rogers go SCRE……………W%#@#$ . I am ready, come november to jump ship! Bell or Telsus here i come!! Bye bye, Rogers.

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  • SeaCat

    As I heard there will be NO GSM from Bell/Telus, only UMTS. Which makes a job much easier – UMTS and CDMA are pretty similar on radio interface level. I understand they haven't built new towers; just converted existing ones to support both CDMA and UMTS.

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  • RogersIsGAAAY

    Actually Rogers is HORRIBLE. I got a phone LESS than a year ago, and its broken THREE times and sent in for repairs THREE times and they have done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for me, they even said it was my fault (the problem was the software was faulty) HOW THE FUCK IS THE SOFTWARE MY FAULT? I DID NOT MAKE THE PHONE! I HATE ROGERS I HOPE THE COMPANY AND ALL ITS EMPLOYEES FUCK OFF.

  • RogersIsGAAAY

    Actually Rogers is HORRIBLE. I got a phone LESS than a year ago, and its broken THREE times and sent in for repairs THREE times and they have done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for me, they even said it was my fault (the problem was the software was faulty) HOW THE FUCK IS THE SOFTWARE MY FAULT? I DID NOT MAKE THE PHONE! I HATE ROGERS I HOPE THE COMPANY AND ALL ITS EMPLOYEES FUCK OFF.

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