Consumer Reports Releases Early iPhone 6s Test Results [VIDEO]


Consumer Reports has released their early findings of how the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus compares to its predecessor. The non-profit purchased four of each model to put through various tests in their labs.

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They put the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus camera through various tests, which they called “only slightly improved” over the iPhone 6, but they called the new 4K video “very impressive”. The selfie camera was also deemed better than before, with a wider angle lens and higher megapixel camera.

The devices were also put through a scratch test to see if the new strengthened ion glass display was stronger than before, but found the iPhone 6s glass was the same as its predecessor, being able to be scratched by what was the equivalent of a masonry drill bit.

Upcoming tests also include battery tests, call tests and more (we may see bend tests too of course). Check out their early video below:


  • Raj

    This is good. I used iPhone 6s for almost 36 hours. I don’t think see any difference between iPhone 6 and 6+. Never used 3D Touch. Camera is okay and nothing big difference.. Only Retina Flash is better low night. Live Photos is useless unless your are big Instagram or snapchat user…not much different

  • Shameer Mulji

    With the A9 processor and 2GB, I find the performance of the 6S Plus to be much better vs 6 Plus. 3D Touch will become more important / significant as more developers implement it within their apps.

  • MrXax

    Very interesting. Given the camera improvements (front and back), I was really expecting there to be a significant difference. Aside from 3D Touch, it’s sounding more and more like the 6S offers little more than the 6.

    I’d imagine the other hardware upgrades will come into play with more cutting edge stuff, but heck, I find that my iPhone 5 still plays anything I put on it without any issues.

  • chickeee

    battery life will improve too