Consumer Reports: iPhone X has the Best Smartphone Camera by a Long Shot


For smartphones, 2018 will undoubtedly be the year of smaller bezels and notches. Most smartphones manufacturers have to start differentiating themselves based on the smaller things, like whether or not their device has a headphone jack.

However, as smartphones continue to evolve, there is one feature that has a high variance among different devices and that is the camera. According to a report from Consumer Reports, Apple’s 2017 iPhones dominate the rankings and its closest ranked competitors don’t even come close.

The ranking by Consumer Reports is odd since the iPhone 8 beats out the iPhone 8 Plus even though the larger device has a dual-camera system. This could be due to the price difference between the devices, but they do not explicitly state this.

The other odd part of the ranking was the Galaxy S8 lost out to the iPhone 7 and iPhone 6s Plus. Given reviews of the device by many publications, this seems a bit off. Here is the full top-10 ranking:

  1. Apple iPhone X
  2. Apple iPhone 8
  3. Apple iPhone 8 Plus
  4. Samsung Galaxy S8+
  5. Apple iPhone 7
  6. Apple iPhone 6s Plus
  7. Samsung Galaxy S8
  8. Samsung Galaxy Note8
  9. Apple iPhone 7 Plus
  10. Samsung Galaxy S8 Active

The report notes that they will be getting the newly announced Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ in March, and they will be updating this list accordingly. However, they are predicting that the 2017 iPhone lineup will beat out Samsung’s 2018 smartphone lineup.

[via BGR]


  • Mark Ritter

    I’m surprised that the iPhone 8 is ahead of the 8Plus, and iPhone 7 is in the 5th place while the 7Plus is in the 9th place.
    That doesn’t seem right!!!!

  • Mario Gaucher

    Yep… and also where’s the Pixel 2 XL… one of the best mobile camera according to dxomark?

    Even if I really like my iPhone X and my 7 before, I don’t really trust Consumer Report on this.

  • Tim

    Yeah almost all publications have the pixel somewhere in the ranking, not sure this is reliable, even if I believe the iPhone is the likely winner.

  • Kevin D.

    Checking Consumer Reports specs for the iPhone X and 8, both 64GB but available storage after OS and preloaded apps are set up is a huge difference!!! 54.9GB free space for iPhone 8 vs 29.5GB for iPhone X………..Hefty price tag and comes with only half of the storage that is actually usable… smh

  • FragilityG4

    I was thinking the same thing. My only thought is the display problems lowered the score but that’s not an indictment on the camera.

  • The Pixel 2 XL camera was optimized to score high based upon dxomark’s scoring criteria. They actually worked together on this while developing the camera. Dxomark is just one method to score a camera’s abilities. Samsung did something similar awhile back by optimizing their CPU’s to score high on certain benchmarks while in real world tests it performed poorly. The Pixel camera is good. But it might not be all that great based upon what they did just to gain bragging rights on one scoring test.

  • Same OS and should be the same preloaded apps. How is it possible to have such a huge storage usage discrepancy?

  • Maybe the first round of positive Pixel reviews were bia$ed? Like always the truth eventually comes later.

  • Kevin

    I don’t know… Consumer Reports error maybe? If not, I doubt Face ID takes 25GB because that’s what’s missing between the two, if it’s the case then Apple should have went with a minimum storage option of 128GB for the X, you know, to go with that hefty price tag, even though we all know it still doesn’t make up for the GB!!

  • Kosmo

    Must be an error on the Consumer Reports’ side. I have a 64GB iPhone X and I have a screenshot showing 54.02GB free. This was made shortly after I got it – FaceID was set up, but I’m not sure what else I had installed, if at all, at the time. Right now it has >29GB free and I can easily see that >27GB are in apps (unused and top 10 used by size) and in pictures.

  • My 1/2 cents

    I completely disagree. In fact, I dismiss their recommendations and analyze only the negative products to avoid.

    It’s been shown again and again that Android phones usually one major brand fair much better than the iPhone in low light. Should anyone say otherwise, they’ve become terribly bias.


    What are you talking about? My 64 X barely uses any Gs for operating system

  • Mario Gaucher

    I’m also under the impression that they messed up with the free spec calculation.
    On my 256GB iPhone X, I currently have 198GB free.
    If I disable Photos space optimization (set it to keep originals), it instantly goes down to 149GB free (yes my photos library is a little bit over 40GB). They might have this option set to keep originals for their library.


    You still don’t know what your talking about

  • Kevin

    Maybe change your perception, you seem to not understand anything. Go troll someone else…


    Read this site everyday , maybe if you knew what you were talking about or could relate better TROLL

  • Aleks Oniszczak

    Consumer Reports doesn’t know how to test phones properly. During BendGate, they “proved” that the iPhone 6 and 6 plus wasn’t prone to bending while every Tom, Dick & Harry was bending the devices quite easily on YouTube. Even Apple admitted to this (in their own less than honest way) by reinforcing the 6s and 6s plus and reducing the cost of fixing “touch disease” on the 6 and 6 plus that was caused by, guess what, bending! Consumer Reports should not pretend they know what they are doing, because they don’t.

  • Aleks Oniszczak

    Yeah iPhone 8 ranked higher than iPhone 8 Plus, 7 ranked higher than the 7 Plus and no mention of the Pixel phones. So, why do people consider Consumer Reports an authority? If this list were true, the big news would be the upsets, not that the X came out on top. That’s the story I want to read about. What makes the iPhone Plus models so bad! Come on Consumer Reports, where’s the big scoop story? But something tells me that the list is just wrong and any 14 year old YouTuber would have come up with a more accurate list.

  • raslucas

    The pixel and the iPhone X are 1 and 1A for camera quality. They process pictures differently so it’s kinda more subjective in comparison… S9 is probably up there as well, with a few advantages (960 slo-mo) and flaws ((5 minute max 4K).

    I have a feeling Samsung’s S9 has technically a better sensor, but has much poorer image processing.

    This article kinda just seems outdated by ignoring the two other best camera phones…