Control Center in iOS 7 Brings SBSettings from Cydia to the iPhone


Numerous users have long craved a jailbroken iPhone for the numerous tweaks available from talented Cydia developers. One of my personal favourites was SBSettings, which allowed instant access to frequently used system settings such as Wi-Fi, Airplane mode, brightness, Bluetooth, etc.

Today with the preview of Control Center, Apple essentially brought features of SBSettings to the iPhone, and it is about time. By swiping up from any location, users will be presented with a screen toggle and control the following:

  • Airplane mode
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Orientation lock
  • Screen brightness
  • iPod
  • AirDrop, AirPlay
  • Shortcuts to: new Flashlight app, timer, calculator, camera
Screen Shot 2013 06 10 at 12 59 29 PM

From the looks of it, the flashlight app industry has just been crushed. We can’t wait to give Control Center a try.


  • Arcsvibe

    My wife said the same thing. She asked me if I was watching the Hackers conference LOL. What do you think of ios7?

  • WatDah

    I really can’t wait to get my hands on this!

  • sdf

    its less manly of a fun. something designed by a bunch of hipster homosexuals.

  • sdf

    less manly of a phone***

  • asdf

    without the ability to toggle data, I’d still have to jailbreak my phone. Why let people toggle wifi and not data???? I don’t see any point of switching on/off wifi, but I do that for data several times a day!

  • WatDah

    For what reason? Do you cross the boarder several times a day?

  • ward09


  • Andrew Hamling

    You do know that Airplane Mode will toggle data off, right? I don’t see the point of toggling data off if you are on Wifi, so what’s the problem again?

  • AndrewSparkes

    So because YOU cannot see the point in something, it’s a worthless suggestion? Get off your arrogant high horse. I have a contract with a low data allowance. I’d like to still send/receive calls/texts, but turn off the data entirely so any random app that I’ve forgot to turn off auto-syncing with (or, worse, can’t turn off auto-sync) won’t start making me hit my limit. Turning off data is essentially a quick-kill for any 3G syncing, while still allowing calls/texts which airplane mode turns off.

  • Andrew Hamling

    Um, I said why turn off data when you are on wifi, not ever…calm down bro!

  • AndrewSparkes

    Sorry, maybe I didn’t clarify: WiFi isnt 100% reliable. Sometimes it drops out. So while I’m in the house, I flip it to Wifi-on/Data-off. This means I can sync and download and browse and watch to my heart’s content without using my data, but if my WiFi drops, I won’t keep syncing/downloading/browsing/watching (and using up my data allowance) because I’ve already turned off data. It turns my phone into a bit of a unnetworked brick only good for already-downloaded vids/games/music until the WiFi comes back on but I prefer that to paying extortionate over-the-limit fees/being capped.

    As I said, just because you cannot see the point in something, do not assume everyone is the same. For some people, it is a very, VERY important button which is missing from this screen, way more important than having my bluetooth on or off (I can’t even remember the last time I used bluetooth).

    I’m not saying put a data switch there instead of bluetooth. I understand they’ve done their research and more people probably DO use bluetooth more than data. However, why not offer the choice for the probably-still-quite-large minority (or even if we’re a small number, we still have a credible, non-trivial reason for wanting it) that would prefer a data switch?

    Why not offer, in the settings, 8 switches/buttons, of which you can choose 5 to appear in the ‘Control Centre’? Then we can have what we want and blank out what we don’t use.

    Instead of having the egocentric frame of mind of “It suits me, therefore everyone else is just complaining” (people who defend Apple a lot over their lack of choice in their OSes/apps/hardware) or “It might not suit everyone but I’m gonna force it this way regardless because choice leads to rebellion and rebellion leads to people not wanting spangly iProducts anymore!” (Apple’s own mantra now, it seems – screw 1984!), offer a simple bit of ‘choice’ (tbh, this is barely a ‘choice’ compared to the mountains of options other vendors offer but that’s beyond the point now, ha).

  • Josh young

    It’s too bad that apple has been stealing great ideas from Cydia developers for years without so much as a nod in their direction. It’s highly ironic too, considering apple made jail breaking illegal for a time. It’s nice to see the iPhone improve, but it’d be nice if they didn’t tout all of these new ideas as their own.