Copyright Bill C-32 Aims to Limit your Digital Freedoms, Act Now


Are we on the war path right now in Canada? It seems like there’s one thing after another that aims to limit our digital lives. Specifically the issue of user-based billing (UBB) by ISPs and now the imminent Copyright Bill C-32.

What is Bill C-32 all about? As per Michael Geist:

The foundational principle of the new bill remains that anytime a digital lock is used – whether on books, movies, music, or electronic devices – the lock trumps virtually all other rights.  In other words, in the battle between two sets of property rights – those of the intellectual property rights holder and those of the consumer who has purchased the tangible or intangible property – the IP rights holder always wins.  This represents market intervention for a particular business model by a government supposedly committed to the free market and it means that the existing fair dealing rights (including research, private study, news reporting, criticism, and review) and the proposed new rights (parody, satire, education, time shifting, format shifting, backup copies) all cease to function effectively so long as the rights holder places a digital lock on their content or device.  Moreover, the digital lock approach is not limited to fair dealing – library provisions again include a requirement for digital copies to self-destruct within five days and distance learning teaching provisions require the destruction of materials 30 days after the course concludes.

Are you concerned about how C-32 will affect you?

Time to make your voice heard. Here’s an easy form via the Canadian Coalition for Electronic Rights. We have until Jan. 31st to send letters to Parliament.



  • Drew

    I love how they chanrged us extra on cds back in the 90s because we made a for sure deal with them that rapes us. Then when mp3s get popular they cry wolf and want to change it all of a sudden because they loose out too much. What a bunch o whiners.

    Government downloads too. They also bullcrap alot i suppose.

  • James

    how will they control these laws??? its going to take 24 hours for someone to find a better way?

  • Shierkahn3

    Don’t see protesting this doing much. Our government bends over backwards to protect everyone but consumers. Look at how our government decided it’s okay for ISPs to charge us for usage…. Politicians are all dinosaurs with no knowledge of technology and no eye on the future

  • ward09

    I’m not saying that I agree with the bill, I haven’t read it and don’t know how far it goes, but in principal isn’t reasonable to let content providers protect their investment? I think there is at least some room for compromise on this issue.

  • Anonymous

    Exactly, good luck enforcing this one government. If I pay for something, I will do whatever I please with it in regards to unlocking it, changing it, altering it or transferring it to another type of material/medium. Anything to do with digital laws is extremely difficult to enforce, so bite me government.

  • Jonathan

    Because doing nothing is much more effective, right?

  • agreed. besides, most companies who sell you content let you share it to a point, its pretty easy for most people to exploit that or even rip of the DRM. Hell if you rip a cd or a dvd, you can get rid of the DRM.

  • Scottdouglasmahoney

    dose this mean unlocking jailbreaking iphones or burning a movie you bought on dvd to your computer to use on your iphone for eniterly personal entertainment purposes will become illegal?

  • KnightFire

    Back when Jim Prentice represented my riding in Calgary North we swarmed the Constituency Address at Christmas and made our voices heard in person, think it scared the crap out of him as that bill died.

  • Anonymous

    Why does the government continue to make protecting business a higher priority than protecting consumers and citizens???? Makes ZERO sense. IT simply because they can. I hope this bill is stopped!!!

  • Anonymous

    Yes agreed!!! BITE ME

  • That is exactly right. After all, jailbreak and you would have options.
    Election in spring.
    We see how important information is.
    They raise the price of data with UBB.
    They raise text messaging costs.
    The government introduces a bill to not allow you to modify your property.
    So, clearly somebody’s been having some conversations.

    I wonder what the QoS , ( Quality of Service ) will be for people who’s traffic tends to the non conservative?

    Election in spring. I also wonder what the voting patterns of heavy internet users are… I suspect …well, no need to say it here eh?

  • Ramklov

    Stop blaming the government! The industry has been harassing them for years to enact this legislation And it’s all because of all you people stealing for years and years. So now you have to pay. Big deal! Don’t complain that you never saw this coming! You are the cause of this. I do not blame artists from complaining that their intellectual product is being stolen. They are talented people who create great things. You people just like to steal and complain when you get caught. Pathetic.

  • GeoStar

    wish I could work once and get paid forever for it , and super well

  • Joshmc333

    Wow, someone with some insight! Unfortunately, when the majority of citizens act like children getting caught stealing out of the cookie jar, you have to give them a “time-out”, or if this were the days of old, a good whack with a wooden spoon. PEOPLE SHOULD GET PAID FOR THEIR WORK! WHAT A RADICAL CONCEPT!

  • Saturnseeker

    what stealing if I bought the disc,my right to watch it on any device I own

  • DarMorrow

    What you really need to do is sent the physical letter in addition to making a phone call. Email is all too easily ignored.