Court Case: Samsung Beefs Over Exhibit Stickers On Devices


With two weeks almost into this Samsung vs Apple court case, I’d be willingly to bet things are heating up. They sure are, but last week we unarguably learned more information in regard to the case. So far, sale figures, icon similarities, and ‘proof’ Samsung copied the iPhone was presented in court this week.

Another filing, this time by Samsung earlier this morning asks the court to check the exhibit stickers Apple had placed on the Samsung devices. Apple has custody of all these exhibits, apparently though Samsung isn’t happy with evidence possibly be covered up.

Foss Patents describes Samsung’s argument:

Samsung’s motion accuses Apple of “covering up large portions of the backs of the devices, by blotting out textures, shapes, colors and other information that consumers see”, but I don’t see that any distinctive elements get lost this way.

Based from the picture featured above and below, Apple isn’t covering up anything. Heck, they even went around covering the logos on each phone.

Still, Samsung argues the sticker could deceive jurors into the wrong train of thought. For example, the Captivate, pictured above, Samsung argues the stick covers “a distinct checkered back panel.” It does, but fails to cover more than a small portion, allowing jurors to easily see the panel is checkered.

At this point, Samsung knows they are toast. Are they just becoming too desperate?

[via iDownloadblog]


  • How the hell did Apple get all the evidence from both sides?

  • What? They went to a “store” and bought the phones to use as evidence?

  • JMCD23

    Too desperate? Sounds like their lawyers just doing their job to try and draw attention to certain aspects of their phone.

  • excaliburca

    Samsung in toast? *sigh* I know this is an Apple blog but this one has been really good containing bias, unlike other blogs I’ve read. Don’t slip into the gravity field of the big Apple… wait till the trial is decided before making judgements.

  • FragilityG4

    By law evidence has to be made available to both the prosecution and defense.

  • It’s an opinion. I’m not against Samsung in any way. In past posts I have even sided with Samsung. It wasn’t very many times, but I have. In this case everything is going Apple’s way. Everything from the icons, evolution of Samsung phones (before and after the iPhone).

  • Fragility is correct. The judge decides what evidence can be used in the case and both sides receive access.

  • I agree, they are doing their job. But it’s the fact they have pointed out such a small aspect. I’l say it right now, there doesn’t need to be exhibit stickers on the devices, but obviously that’s how it’s going to be.

  • excaliburca

    It only looks like it becauseas plaintiff it’s currently Apple’s turn to present. Once Samsung gets it’s crack that “everything is going Apple’s way” may entirely change. All I’m saying is that don’t make judgments till both sides have presented their arguments. Once the jury is out speculate all you want. 🙂