Court Issues Temporary Injunction Against Uber in Calgary



On Friday, a court issued a temporary injunction which stops drivers in Calgary from offering paid rides using the Uber app.

The injunction, which will be place until a hearing on December 17, was issued by Justice G. H. Poelman of Court of Queen’s Bench. At that time, the city of Calgary will attempted to have the injunction made permanent to stop drivers from providing taxi services from a ride-sharing app until safety regulations are put in place.

The injunction was issued after evidence showed that drivers using the Uber app were breaching the city’s bylaw.

“The justice said the injunction would extend to the 57 drivers named in Calgary’s application as offering rides using Uber as well as to all other people operating as an Uber driver in Calgary.”

In a statement, City lawyer Colleen Sinclair said:

“This is recognition that private for-hire vehicles operating under the Uber umbrella are breaching the city’s bylaw and they have been ordered to stop. This pulls a number of vehicles that are not appropriately insured, licensed or inspected off the road and prevents them from offering a potentially unsafe service.”

Do you agree with the courts decision to issue Uber a temporary injunction in Calgary? Let us know in the comments below.

[via TheStar]


  • World Traveler

    No, I don’t agree with any of the cities in Canada that are trying to stop customers from having the freedom to choose the service. I have not had many positive taxi experiences: however have had great Uber ones.

    If you won’t allow Uber, then I’ll take public transit and car2go.

    The taxi stranglehold is coming to an end!

  • Ashley Mann

    Colleen said, ” This pulls a number of vehicles that are not appropriately insured, licensed or inspected off the road and prevents them from offering a potentially unsafe service.”

    Here we go again. Another city, another city official, another judge all using the same old “safety” and “we need policies” rederick.

    This isn’t North Korea and we (Canadians) know when you’re lying. It’s not about safety, it’s about the money cities don’t get from Uber like they do with the taxi syndicate (oops) I mean taxi business’. My bad. : )

    I wonder if Kim has ever tried a Uber ride?

    Ok one more question. What do you think would happen if a Uber North Korea driver failed to offer supreme leader a cold bottle of water and a fresh mint candy? I think the driver would be shot with an artiliary gun while enjoying said fresh mint candy.

  • I’m on the fence.
    As said in the comments already, I haven’t had many positive experiences on Taxis.
    – I’ve gotten into cars that smell of marijuana, and they lie when asked about it

    – driver blew a stop sign, slammed on the breaks and skidded into the middle of the intersection with my pregnant wife in the car, and just laughed it off. We exited the car at that moment without paying him and he threaten to call the police on us if we didn’t and harassed us.

    – countless foreign taxi drivers shut off the meter 30 seconds before they pull over, suddenly a $8.50 fair magically turns into $10.50. When you try to debait the issue, they don’t speak English so well anymore and get very rude.

    Calling into the dispatch to complain, they don’t care at all. At least Uber you’re able to rate and read past ratings on each driver.

    The reason I’m on the fense is if this person driving you crashes their car and you are hospitalized, who’s at fault? Are you eligible for medical assistance or are you putting your family’s financial wellbeing at risk sitting 3 months in hospital and ICBC turns their backs. That’s my only concern.

  • aaloo

    the fact of the matter is that city’s bylaws are monopolistic. they are unfair on the taxi drivers and result in over charges to the consumer. uber is not following the laws and taxi drivers are just asking that either lift these bylaws off them or impose the laws on uber as well. city is not going to lift the bylaws off the taxi drivers because its a source of money for them.