Consumer Reports Recommends Samsung’s Old Galaxy S7 Over iPhone 8



In its newly released smartphone ratings, Consumer Reports has awarded 81 points (out of a possible 100) to Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ flagship smartphones, beating the iPhone 8’s score of 80. What’s worse is that the testing organization has actually recommended the last year’s Samsung Galaxy S7 with a score of 80 over Apple’s new iPhones (via Tom’s Guide).

“Consumer Reports has long been one of the most trusted services for consumers to determine which products they should buy. That the publication prefers not only Apple’s biggest competitor this year, but also the smartphone Samsung launched last year, is notable.

So, where does the Galaxy S7 Edge out Apple’s iPhone 8? According to Consumer Reports, the Galaxy S7’s “handset capabilities” are slightly better than those in the iPhone 8, and it found Samsung’s handset to offer better battery life and call quality.”

Interestingly, Consumer Reports has placed the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 below the iPhone 8 with the same score of 80, whereas LG is the only other  brand that managed to reach a score of 80 with its G6 smartphone.

Bolstered by reports that customers are waiting on the iPhone X, sales of the the recently released iPhone 8 handsets have not been nearly as good as Apple had planned, with most iPhone 8 models still being readily available on store shelves. Since Apple does not break out sales by device type, it also hasn’t yet commented much on the iPhone 8’s success, or lack thereof.

Is Consumer Reports really the “most trusted service” for consumers?


  • lol for people who care about 1 point.
    Get what you like. What works for you isn’t a competition. Don’t let fanboys get you down 🙂

    Unfortunately, ‘recommendations’ from sites like that do have an impact, regardless of how insignificant the differences are. It’s a phone. It’s powerful. It does crazy stuff you wouldn’t be able to do otherwise and makes life easier. Get what works for you.

  • FragilityG4

    It is a fantastic age in which so many manufacturers are creating such amazing phones. These days there really isn’t a “right or wrong”. You’re on point— it’s what works for you.

  • Ned K.

    Yeah. I’ll get Galaxy S8 this year. That’s what I want.

  • Salinger

    In answer to your leading question, YES, Consumer Reports is “the most trusted service” for consumers.

    They have no axe to grind, they simply call them as their tests see them. They are not “paid off”, they are not idiots and they are not Apple haters. They buy all their test products from retail at full consumer price, the same as you or I, and they refuse to accept any advertising so as to not be biased or even have the appearance of bias.

    So yeah, we can put on our Apple coloured glasses and deride anyone or anything that doesn’t say the worst thing Apple is better than the best thing from any other manufacturer, but Consumer Reports deals in reality, not fanboyism. Would I choose an S7 over an iPhone? Nope. But do I trust that Consumer Reports has done far more study and testing than any one of us to reach their conclusion? Absolutely.

  • Apple

    This is only good news for us. Just another reason for apple to reduce the entry cost of their latest and greatest. People should be happy about reviews like this.

  • Apple

    Oops didn’t mean to reply to you specifically.