Credit Unions to Support Apple Pay, But Launch Android Mobile Pay First


First West Credit Union has today announced the launch of Mobile Pay, a payment solution for its Android smartphone owners. Mobile Pay aims to be a rival to Apple Pay for its customers using the Union’s mobile banking app. First West is the first financial institution in B.C. to offer Mobile Pay and one of four in Canada who will support this solution which, by the way, cost millions of dollars to develop (via The Star Phoenix).

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The mobile payments solution gives users the ability to make a purchase at any Canadian retailer with Interac Flash capacity. Mobile Pay requires an NFC-enabled Android smartphone running V4.4 OS or later.

“We’re thrilled to be among the first financial institutions in Canada to offer Mobile Pay,” says Launi Skinner, CEO of First West Credit Union. “Our commitment to innovation and investment in technology is one of the ways we’re doing things differently to create value for our members. We’re proud to have partnered with credit unions across Canada to deliver this new, creative and convenient solution that will make a difference in everyday banking. It’s all about keeping it simple.”

Although it will initially be launched at Envision Financial, a division of First West Credit Union, Mobile Pay will be slowly rolled at the credit union’s other regional brands, Valley First, Enderby & District Financial, and Island Savings, later this year.

Mobile Pay has been developed by Affinity and Conexus Credit Union in conjunction with First West Credit Union in British Columbia and Ontario’s Meridian Credit Union to offer a mobile payment solution for Android customers. Affinity’s mobile banking app has roughly 10,000 Android users (accounting for about half of its customers).



  • mxmgodin

    Why not implement Android Pay, instead of spending “millions of dollars” to develop a (probably sub-par) third party app…? *smh*

  • Yeah, was wondering the same thing about that…

  • Many99

    Is the any chance that we will ever Android Pay in Canada unlike Apple Pay there was constant rumors about it coming not so much with Android Pay

  • mxmgodin

    Google doesn’t seem to be pushing it as much as Apple does. For now, it’s only available in the US and the UK (with supposed release in Australia and Singapore in 2016).

    From what I understand, Google doesn’t get a cut of the transaction (unlike Apple with Apple Pay), so there’s less of an incentive for them to push it to the banks.

    I personally haven’t seen any strong rumours concerning an Android Pay launch in Canada, but the service seems to be following more or less the same pattern as Apple Pay in choosing its next countries. So there’s that.

  • Babbitt

    Wouldn’t they claim that it’s different due to supporting Interac rather than credit?

  • mxmgodin

    Both Android and Apple Pay support debit and credit card. As long as the payment network supports tokenization (Interac does), they can implement Android and Apple Pay support.

  • It’s Me

    Likely the same reason the banks haven’t announced Android Pay. Canadian financial institutes are scared sh!tless by the privacy liability the Android Pay would expose them to. Google looks at Android Pay the same way the look at Android or gmail or anything else, as a data collection vehicle. That may not be kosher with Canadian privacy laws and Canadian banks/credit unions.