CRTC Head Criticizes Rogers For Shutting Down Shomi



Jean-Pierre Blais, the chairman of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), criticized Rogers and Shaw for shutting down their video streaming service Shomi.

In a speech in Ottawa on Wednesday, the chairman was shocked to hear that the companies were shutting down the service so soon. In a statement, he said:

“I have to wonder if they are too used to receiving rents from subscribers every month in a protected ecosystem, rather than rolling up their sleeves in order to build a business without regulatory intervention and protection.”

Blais has been watching the development of streaming services, like Shomi and CraveTV, since they have entered the market. He even called video streaming services “the future of content.”

Meanwhile, earlier this month Bell announced that their CraveTV streaming platform has reached more than one million subscribers.

During the speech, Blais also slammed creators for being too narrow-minded, saying they are missing out on selling Canada’s cultural products to the rest of the world. He also said that the media isn’t helping the situation by criticizing the CRTC’s shift from protection to promotion.

[via CBC]


  • erth

    exactly. shortsightedness. they are effected by the societies need for instant gratification.

  • Harold Mitchell

    ..and the Corporate need for quick profit.

  • SOB

    shomi had a lot of crap stuff but they did have a few good offerings. Too bad it’s getting killed. It could have gotten better with time.

  • kal

    Shomi is part of my tv package, will I get refund for loosing a good tv channel? Or will I get screwed over and have same monthly bill, what is CRTC doing about this potential cash grab?

  • Canucks Goal

    I had it on Shaw Cable. You can only get refund on something that you get charge on your bill. If something is “free”, you don’t get anything back from it. It’s funny you say it’s a cash grab when Shaw and Rogers were losing millions giving it out to customers for free on this platform. I bet you are like me who didn’t even download the app. LOL.

  • kal

    No, k got the app. The thing is it is part of agreed package, so if they take it out they are breaking 2yr. Deal we agreed upon. ????