CRTC is Looking for Cable Providers, Public to Provide Feedback on New $25 Basic TV Packs



According to a report from the Government of Canada, the CRTC is making cable providers publicly explain their new $25 basic television packages.

The broadcast regulator and a consumer group have received hundreds of complaints about the CRTC-mandated TV plans. Today, the commission announced that it will hold public hearings on September 7 to discuss how these TV deals are panning out.

So far, Bell, Rogers, Shaw, and Videotron all must testify at the public hearings. In a statement, the commission said:

“The CRTC wants to ensure that they are offering the new options to Canadians in a manner that is consistent with its regulations and the spirit of its policy.”

The CRTC is also letting interested consumer groups speak up about issues they have seen with the new basic TV packages. In addition, the public can submit their won comments about the new basic TV packages.

As part of the licence renewal process, the CRTC asked the television providers detailed questions about their basic plans and then published the answers online. Canadians can now view the carrier’s answers and comment on them electronically or by mail by June 23.


  • Aleks Oniszczak

    Why does anyone care? Just get an HD antenna.

  • Steve

    Why can’t Rogers or Bell just create Apps on Apple TV or Roku and sell the skinny package via streaming. Then it would save consumers from having to rent a box and it becomes truly $25.

  • Joe

    TV really needs to get modernized in Canada. I don’t believe I have a single friend under 35 who pays for cable in their own house. They either get it shared in their household or they simply don’t have it.

    I myself have been living cable-free for almost 4 years. The only time this bothers me is when there’s an important hockey game. Thankfully I’m a Canucks fan, so there’s been no problems there.