Crazy Curved iPhone Concept Resembles Old School Nokia Slider [PICS]


Last week, Bloomberg reported Apple was allegedly working on new features for the iPhone, which could entail touchless gesture controls along with curved displays.

So of course, with this in mind, designers had to come up with concepts on what a curved iPhone could entail, right? iDropNews recently shared some crazy concepts, of course designed by Martin Hajek, who is well known for his Apple-related concepts.

The renders below show a curved iPhone with a slider, similar to classic Nokia phones from the past.

Curved iPhone Concept iDrop News x Martin Hajek 7

Bloomberg reported Apple’s purported curved iPhone screens would curve inward “gradually from top to bottom,” so this is the result created by Hajek:

Curved iPhone Concept iDrop News x Martin Hajek 2

The curved iPhone concept also includes Apple’s ‘notch’ area for Face ID. Overall the display is smaller and more compact compared to today’s theme of screens getting larger and larger.

Curved iPhone Concept iDrop News x Martin Hajek 6

Curved iPhone Concept iDrop News x Martin Hajek 5

Apple has long been rumoured to be working on some sort of curved iPhone display. Earlier this year, we saw other future iPhone concepts, such as this one which imagined a clam-shell design.

What do you think of this curved iPhone concept? Yay or nay?


  • Olley


  • Aleks Oniszczak

    Not great for pockets

  • StarTurtle
  • watch


  • Tony


  • Absolute dreck. Apple would never do this.

  • Taylor

    Ok curved screen is cool but wtf is the point of the slider? What are you covering? The only reason the slide cover was ever invented was because of physical keys. This is just stupid.

  • Taylor

    Also how big is this guys hands? Whoever this designer was is an idiot and has no concept of size.