New iPhone X-Inspired Concept Imagines Bezel-less iPads, Macs and Apple Watches


Taking design cues from the upcoming 10th anniversary iPhone X with an edge-to-edge OLED display, the folks over at CURVED Labs have imagined other Apple products with edgeless displays, including the iPads, Apple Watches and Macs in a new concept. “At CURVED Labs, we asked, How would it look if Apple would make its entire product range borderless?”, note the designers.

CURVEDLabs 09 2017 09

Each year, Apple’s design team tried to reduce the form factor of its products. A good example is the current Macbook Pro, which is much more compact than the Macbook Air but still has a larger display. The designers believe that when Apple starts releasing other products with edgeless displays like the iPhone X, it will simultaneously add Face ID technology to them as well.

[Google translated] “We remember that Touch ID had first introduced Apple to the iPhone to make it available on the iPad and later on the Macbook. Admittedly, on an Apple Watch still place for a 3D face recognition to create also the miniaturization experts in Cupertino to the limits of the feasible bring. But at least a borderless display would be a nice development”.

Check out the following concept images to see how they might look with an iPhone X inspired edge to edge display.

CURVEDLabs 09 2017 10

CURVEDLabs 09 2017 14

CURVEDLabs 09 2017 27

CURVEDLabs 09 2017 06

CURVEDLabs 09 2017 15


  • xxxJDxxx

    Yes, please.

  • Jake

    Cool concepts! (kinda poorly implimented but the idea looks cool). I want that iMac!

  • Gerry Lee

    The apple watch would look amazing if it was borderless.

  • FragilityG4

    Their attention to detail is impeccable. They put the old iOS cellular signal dots instead of the new bars………

  • Joe

    Quick: somebody make an Oprah meme.

    “You get a notch! And YOU get a notch! And YOU get a notch! Notches for everyone!!!!!!!”

  • Olivier

    Stop it with the notchessss

  • Ned K.

    …..and screen made by Samsung

  • Hahahahah

  • Kirk

    Wow what a horrible, horrible ideal.

  • Kirk

    Right?? I’m not even completely sold on the iPhone X much yet these ridiculous concepts lol

  • Not Jon Snow

    Why would the iMac have unibrow? They can just put the sensors in the Apple logo below. As far as “borderless” go, Galaxy 8/Note 8 pretty much nailed it.