Customer Charged Over $6,000 After Exceeding Data Limit, Bell Admits ‘Billing Error’


After a customer was charged $6,474.17 for going over his 100GB data limit by 11GB, Bell has admitted to a “billing error”.

Derek, a Bell customer from Orangeville, Ontario, received the bill in November. However, this was a month that he was away from home and the building had no internet at the time.

Derek secured an mobile internet plan with 100GB of data that would cost him $145 per month. During the month he went 11GB over his limit, which should have only cost him an extra $50. Bell said that he would owe a total of $500 in overage charges, but he contacted them and they said:

“They assured me it was an error and that they would fix it.”

However, he later received a notice saying that he owed $6,474.17. So Derek went on to hire a paralegal for $1,000 to help him deal with Bell. He is still in the process of dealing with Bell at the current time.

In a statement, Bell spokesman Nathan Gibson told Global News:

“We will be contacting the customer to make things right immediately. An error of this type is rare, and we will investigate all aspects of this unfortunate situation.”


  • FragilityG4

    They better cover his legal expenses.

  • Christopher Jones

    How can I go about getting that kind of data plan?!?

  • joeyconnick

    “Should have only COST him” (not “costed” arrrrgg my eyes, my eyes! ????????)

  • Dominic

    Or how about « an mobile » lol

  • Cornfed710

    No doubt, sounds like a sweet deal

  • Si2k78

    Seriously, $1.45/1GB of mobile data is an out of this world deal. I need to give Bell a call.

  • Let us know how you get along.

  • Daniel S

    Seriously, this is a terrible option!!
    Our firm is on the Number One carrier in the country Telus where we are provisioned with unlimited data at $53.25 per month. Yes, Unlimited Data!
    Bell and Rogers cannot even come close in this Plan or Service!

  • There’s no such thing as truly unlimited data. Talk about your ‘fair usage policy’ where you throttle customers after a certain percentage.

  • Bill___A

    The first thing I find unrealistic is 100 gigs for $145. I don’t see any of the big three providers having a plan like that. I realize there may be corporate plans they are not showing but 20 gigs is $105, how would 100 gigs be $145? On the 20 gig plan I see now, it is $1015 if you use 111 gigs rated at $10 per gig over 20, which is what I saw when I came to their web page.. However, if you used the figure for Bell’s “new” $70 per gig overage, it would come to $6475. Is it a billing error or bad publicity? Use that much data nowadays, it can certainly get that high..

  • Bill___A

    Certainly that plan you speak of is not on their web page. Almost a decade ago, Telus had an unlimited Canada/US data plan for $100 a month which was discontinued. You’re lucky if you are on this type of plan you speak of but there must be something you’re not telling us, because this sort of rate is not common at all.

  • Daniel S

    The Plan is still available thru Telus. We activated two more lines with this plan this past Friday.
    Remember, all plans are not advertised and certainly not on the carriers web page. There are four categories in the Carriers, “Consumer – Regular” for your retail clients; “Business – Personal”, and “Business – Regular”, as well as the final category with “Corporate” offered in various options. The rate plan is available thru Business and Corporate. The data on the Plan is not Throttled like Rogers and is truly Unlimited. The data plans are averaging 200GB to 500GB in an average Bill Cycle.

  • Matt

    How do I get this plan? I am currently on a Business account with TELUS with four (4) lines.

  • raslucas

    Ya. I suspect this plan is meant for people who live in areas with no ISP options eh? It’s necessarily a phone plan, but it still probably uses LTE.

  • Daniel S

    We need to connect offline and I can email you directly.

  • Khaleesisdoormat

    Agreed. I was shocked at that price. That’s gouging.

  • Funtime

    It is available outside BC/AB?

  • Daniel S


  • Funtime

    Can you email me frankeh@gmail, I’m interested in learning more. Thanks!

  • Bill___A

    Thank you, I was looking on Bell’s site…..

  • ChecMark

    Bell has now placed my account with the seventh collection agency, not one of which will listen to me that I am still waiting for Bell to justify the ridiculous charges for a MI-FI unit. They claimed I used an absurd 27 GB in one day alone and then admitted that the unit might not be secure so the whole neighborhood could be using it. They promised to monitor my account and report my usage in detail. Almost two years now and I’m still waiting. Bell is the most arrogant and annoying company to deal with.