Over a Third of U.S. Customers Plan to Buy an iPhone 5s/5c Within 3 Months


Despite the fact that Apple is expected to launch re-designed, larger iPhone models later this year, a survey carried out by investment firm Piper Jaffray reveals that over a third of prospective U.S. smartphone customers are planning to buy an iPhone 5s or an iPhone 5c in the next three months, AppleInsider is reporting. Out of 1,016 U.S. consumers surveyed, 34% are planning to buy one of the two current generation iPhone models.

gene munster

The report notes that 29% of consumers polled plan to buy an iPhone 5s, while 5% said they will get an iPhone 5c within the next three months. Analyst Gene Munster said the figures show that the current iPhone lineup is staying strong longer in its lifespan than previous models, though Apple’s share of purchase intent has steadily declined following the launch of the iPhone 5s in anticipation of Apple’s next generation iPhones.

“While our survey is U.S. focused, we believe the data suggests that the iPhone, particularly the highest-end 5s model, continues to have staying power given about a third of U.S. smartphone customers expect to purchase an iPhone in the next three months,” Munster said. With a total of 34 percent planning to buy one of those two models, the survey did not include purchase intent for Apple’s legacy iPhone 4S, which is available free on-contract at most carriers.

Munster has forecast for Apple to sell 35 million iPhones in the current June quarter, which would represent a 12% year over year increase.


  • Chrome262

    Maybe people don’t really want a larger iPhone, well a percentage at least

  • Al

    C’mon… Over a third of US customers don’t know shit about Apple’s release plans for new phones. In fact, I’d venture to guess that over 90% of the population don’t know. And I didn’t see anywhere in the article that they were advised as such. So, imagine a typical phone survey…

    Q: “Do you plan to buy a new iPhone in the next 3 months?”
    A: “ummmmmm… probably”
    Q: “Will it be the 5s or the 5c?”
    A: [pause] … ummmmm… the 5s???… maybe??? … what’s the difference?”
    [response]: “The 5c is cheaper.”
    A: “Ok… that one”.
    “By the way… What’s an android have to do with phones?”