Developers Discover “Dark Mode” in First Beta of iOS 10


Since the first iOS 10 beta was handed down to developers, we’ve got to know what features Apple has prepared with this software upgrade. Among the features already shared on various platforms, developer Andrew Wilk discovered a Dark Mode theme which appears to be in the early stages.


Wilk shared screenshots of Dark Mode version of Messages. Seconding Wilk’s discovery shared on Twitter, Mac Aficionados responded with other screenshots showing Dark Mode in Clock, Safari, iTunes, and iBooks (although the latter has had a dark theme since iOS 8).

Screen Shot 2016 06 16 at 17 40 29

Screen Shot 2016 06 16 at 17 40 49

According to Mac Aficionados, the system-wide Dark Mode enabled a unified darkened hue system-wide, instead of app-specific shades of black.

In a Reddit post, Wilk appears to be confident that Apple has implemented Dark Mode, although it isn’t yet available to users, and hopes this won’t be an iPhone 7 exclusive.


  • mxmgodin

    Of all the apps mentioned, only Messages and Safari are truly “new”.

    Alarms now has a dark design in iOS 10. iBooks, like mentionned, already has a dark mode for late-night reading. And the iTunes Store already has a dark mode if you go in the Movie and TV tabs.

  • Tim

    Makes sense if they move to OLED displays where you only power the pixels that are visible.

  • Jesse Ocean

    Here’s Siri’s thoughts on the matter. Definitely acknowledging that it is in fact a setting!

  • Ian

    Sounds like groundbreaking stuff to me