DAVE Wireless To Launch In Early 2010


With the recent launch of WIND Mobile in Toronto and Calgary, Canada has received another wireless carrier among the dominating big three. While it is too early to see if WIND will change the Canadian wireless landscape, there is another wireless carrier, mostly not talked about, making its way to Canada.

DAVE Wireless, one of the other new entrants into the Canadian wireless industry, has been quietly prepping their HSPA network for an early-2010 launch. The company has been gathering millions of dollars in financial investments and as Dave Dobbin, the company president, says “We are on track to bring competition to Canadian wireless consumers in early 2010 with our state-of-the-art Ericsson 3G network.”

In 2010, DAVE Wireless will be launching in five cities: Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton and Ottawa. Once they launch, this will bring a fifth major carrier to Canada to compete among the big three (Rogers, Telus, Bell) and the newest member, WIND Mobile.

At this time, not much as been revealed in terms of price plans and devices, so we can only hope for great plans and an iPhone!



  • Dusty

    Good news! More competition 🙂

  • Lee

    Just change the name, how uncool is the name DAVE wireless?? Sounds like a budget provider running from someones basement.

  • I've thought that as well. It's like the guy really likes his own name
    and the marketing team didn't have the courage to say “no”. LOL

  • I believe they will be changing it when they launch

  • arrow201

    > I believe they will be changing it when they launch

    …to DAVID 😛

  • I Am Disappoint

    Well look at the name Rogers Wireless. I have to say that nearly all wireless carrier names in Canada are kind of shit. Fido? Koodo? Virgin? Wind? Bell and Telus are the closest things that actually resemble telecom names.

  • tbutch

    Not exactly gonna change the landscape of wireless coverage in Canada? Neither Wind or Dave carry the iPhone or ever will. Just hand over your $100 to Rogers every month and keep dreaming of the day your freed iPhone fans.

  • rorypiper

    Roger, Dave, Bill, Fido. The name is not important, as long as they can make their customers happy, and provide a quality, consistent service. More choices is great, but if they are no better than what we've already go, what's the point, right?

    I know we've heard that we won't be able to use the iPhone on WIND; any word on DAVE?

  • eason

    Totally agree with you~ Actually Rogers is just same as Dave (Lame), everyone will just get use to it =P

  • Dusty

    Ya man, what a weak name lol

  • Tazcorp

    Again…. I feel like I'm finally living on a first world country… I'm so happy… So happy… These kind of news make me cry and laught… There is hope!

  • DaMan05

    come on man! MONTREAL! i want wind! i want dave!
    damn quebec 🙁

  • I would switch to these new HSPA only networks, but the problem is, if your reception is spotty and you cannot get 3G signal, then you are pretty screwed cause you'd have no fall back to EDGE or even GPRS..

  • You never need edge with a network 100% built for hspa/3G…

    Telus, bell, wind and Dave have hspa everywhere where they have a network… So there is no need for edge.
    Rogers needs an edge network because hspa/3G is spotty outside of big cities… They could switch off edge if they had hspa everywhere (and if they did not mind loosing all customers without a hspa phone)

  • Again wheres montreal in that?!?!?!?

  • Again wheres montreal in that?!?!?!?

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