This Imaginary ‘Day in the Life of an Apple Watch User’ is Quite Convincing


By now most have seen Apple’s special event demonstrating how Apple Watch apps can be used in day-to-day life, but iDownloadBlog’s Sebastien Page has taken things a step further by writing a detailed imaginary “Day in the life of an Apple Watch user”, which actually does a great job in showcasing what the new smart watch from Apple can do—if it applies to your current life situation.

Essentially the timeline of events portrays a situation where Page leaves his home for a business trip and all the little things his Apple Watch will do, saving him time from reaching for his iPhone. Here’s a snippet:

7.22am: We’re all set and ready to go to the airport. Tobias wants to call a cab. A cab? What is this? 1999? I raise my wrist, launch the Uber app and request a ride. We proceed to the elevator to go wait for our ride.

7.27am: I get a notification on my wrist from Uber telling me our ride has arrived. Indeed, it’s just pulling over. We get in.

7.30am: I get a calendar alert on my watch that I need to call a client on the East coast in 30 minutes from now. I totally forgot about that. I raise my arm: “Hey Siri, remind me to call John Blockwood in 30 minutes.”

7.31am: Our Uber driver asks “is this the new Apple Watch?” I confirm that it is, and he goes on to tell me that the iPhone is the best phone he’s ever had but doesn’t really see a need for an Apple Watch. Tobias jumps on the opportunity to mock me. They just don’t get it.

A couple things in the story don’t really apply to Canada: Apple Pay and Uber (limited across Canada). If you’re considering Apple Watch, this lengthy day-in-the-life is worth a read—check it out here.

Apple Watch pre-orders go live in Canada and other select launch countries on April 10, with the official launch set for April 24. Check out the Canadian Apple Watch price matrix here.


  • Bob Langevin

    Too bad that Dark Sky app is not available in Canada, would be handy in Vancouver

  • Nick

    He left out the part where he spends half the day calling Apple tech support

  • Eric

    Like I want to buy one for running.. but you still need to “Run” with your iPhone anyways…

  • Tim

    He left out the part where the battery was at 20% by 4:30pm and he felt range anxiety for the rest of the day, so he used his phone instead because he didn’t want his watch to die, defeating the purpose of having the watch in the first place. He repeated this process for a few months and then decided it wasn’t worth the hassle so he put the Apple Watch in a drawer to avoid being confronted with the money he wasted.

  • Forecast in Vancouver: 90% chance of rain.


    David Duchovny

  • Anthony

    Wow how did you get the watch already? I assume you’ve used it?

  • Anthony

    No you don’t

  • Wall Man

    Did anybody really read the whole blog post? I count 3 times where he recharged the watch during the day. There were at least 2 instances where he is using his watch instead of his phone while being driven. Never took a call on his watch although he could have, hmm. If you thought people talking loudly on their phones was annoying now, imagine when they start yelling at their watches. I’m surprised he didn’t come up with something more convincing. If you’ve got the space to type, create something more compelling. But it is a day in the life of, so there’s that vs a full bore all the great features of how the Apple watch will make my life different/better.

  • Eric

    yes, it uses the iPhone GPS

  • Anthony