Dear Apple: Please Divert iPhone 4 Stock from China to Canada


Apple announced yesterday in a PR statement that China will be officially getting the iPhone 4 on September 25. This is amazing news for people there as they will finally get the real thing, instead of pathetic looking knock offs. Here’s an excerpt of the press release:

CUPERTINO, California—September 19, 2010—Apple® today announced that iPhone® 4 will be available to customers in China beginning Saturday, September 25 at 8:00 a.m. at Apple Retail Stores including the new Apple Store® Hong Kong Plaza in Shanghai and the new Apple Store Xidan Joy City in Beijing opening on the same day. iPhone 4 will also be available on Saturday at China Unicom retail stores for qualified buyers with a new two year contract.

Pricing & Availability
iPhone 4 will be sold in China through Apple’s retail stores for a suggested retail price of CNY4,999 for the 16GB model and CNY5,999 for 32GB model without a contract. At China Unicom stores, iPhone 4 will be available for qualified buyers with a new two year contract, sold separately.

It’s great that another country gets the iPhone 4, but for many Canadians they’re still trying to get hands one. Since the July 30th iPhone 4 launch in Canada, iPhone 4 shortages still exist in the Great White North. Fifty days after the launch and people are still waiting overnight or in line to get their hands on an iPhone 4. Here’s my open letter to Apple, on behalf of Canadians:

Dear Apple:

Please ship more iPhone 4 units to Canada, as people really, really, want them. Thank you.


iPhone 4 Hungry Canadians

Why is there an iPhone 4 shortage in Canada? One theory is that Canada is one of few countries where you can buy the iPhone 4 outright and comes factory unlocked. I encountered many people while waiting in line that were buying the maximum of two iPhones each to either flip on eBay/Craiglist or to bring home to friends/relatives overseas or to the US. How many iPhone 4 units have made an exodus out of our country, while the people who don’t have time to line up Monday-Friday can’t get one? We’ll never know.

One thing though, pricing for unlocked units in Canada are much cheaper versus unlocked units overseas. Here’s a comparison of Chinese vs Canada iPhone 4 prices:

China (contract free prices):

16GB iPhone 4: CNY4,999 ($768 CDN)
32GB iPhone 4: CNY5,999 ($922 CDN)

Canada (contract free, AND factory unlocked):

16GB iPhone 4: $659 CDN (difference: -$109)
32GB iPhone 4: $779 CDN (difference: -$143)

Although Apple has checks in place to limit two iPhones per person, there’s nothing stopping someone from showing up again and using a different credit card to purchase one.

What do you think? Are you still waiting for an iPhone 4 in Canada?

Update 1: Macworld UK reports of “gangs” buying out iPhone 4 stock there.



  • Larskim

    Iphone 4 factory unlocked in Hongkong and Singapore are much cheaper than units in Canada!!!!!

  • Mr. Mac

    Yeah, I’m one of the guilty parties, though only 50% as one was for me and I am Canadian, though living overseas. I ordered one which I use here in Manila, and a 2nd which I gave to my American girlfriend in Spain. Sorry guys, but living overseas with a locked Rogers phone jailbroken and unlocked was a major pain every time new software came out. An unlocked phone was a must for both of us and I am in heaven now when these new iOS releases come out and I can click ‘YES’ to download! I’m so happy that I haven’t had to wait for another jailbreak to get the new BT functionality with iOS 4.1 because I listen to music on my BT on my evening walks. I’m a little sad to hear that people selling them to others overseas are getting them before others, but there are a LOT of Canadian expats around the world these days and we’ve been waiting a long time to be able to order legally unlocked phones from our homeland. Don’t forget though to add the insane Canadian taxes to your total. Most countries don’t have taxes like we do, though I had to pay an insane import tax to get the iP4 into the Philippines after already paying the insane Canadian taxes to get it into Canada. Shipping cell phones around the world is a huge money making business for customs officials. You also have to show a receipt now – it’s not as easy to ship as you might think.

  • Me Unleashed

    The price in Canada is tax exluded, where as The price in china is tax included. An unfair comparison is unfair.

  • Natcl

    Why aren’t people just ordering it online instead of waiting in line ? I got mine in 2 small weeks delivered at my door… I assume people want them now so they wait in line but I’m sure they wait more than if they order it online…

  • Noeyak

    Just proves that the iPhone 4 is not in short supply like Apple would have you all believe. I’d be willing to bet that after Sept. 30 when the free case program ends the iPhone 4 will magically be available in 24hrs. Hook line and sinker just like the iPad.

  • Ex

    Some need to do contracts.

  • Joy

    Don’t forget we pay taxes here…in Quebec a 16g with tax is ~$750 and 32g ~$880 so price difference is minimal.

  • Soarer2k

    Price in Canada DOES NOT include TAX…..

  • Soarer2k

    also unlock IPhone 4 is cheaper in Hong Kong….

  • Baba

    Preference should be given to people who are Signing up for a Contract / Upgrading. Since they have shortages, they should limit Iphone 4 sales to people who are singing up for service as well.

  • Anonymous

    Yep it’s so true though, but then you call their support line and complain of signal issues and they’ll send you one. lol

  • Guest

    Pointless and stu**p article

  • Anonymous

    and that comment was useful how?…keep comments liek that to yourself man…they do a great job here! 🙂

  • netskipper

    keep in mind, all the iphones are made in china, its not surprise they get more stock and more supplies than us, sadly…. north american doesn’t make iphone 4s, only design them….. blame the ocean liners and cargo ships…. 🙁

  • Anonymous

    Over 2 months later, I’m still waiting on getting mine.

  • BM

    I’m #2 on the 32 Gig wait list at my Bell store. Next delivery is mine! Thanks Bell.


    Dont forget our wonderful HST.
    the 32GB would translate to $880, while the chinese price would have tax included. $40 different is not much…


    Dont forget our wonderful HST.
    the 32GB would translate to $880, while the chinese price would have tax included. $40 different is not much…

  • Anonymous


  • Jamtammer

    Not waiting anymore, screw Apple. I’m getting the Samsung Galaxy Android. Apple wants to screw around with customers, then they can loose some too.

  • Anonymous

    Makes me glad that I spent those grueling 5 hours standing in line to get one a week after launch. I can’t believe that 50 days after launch they are STILL having stock problems… it’ll probably only get worse as we near Christmas!

  • Kyle

    Hey Ex/iphoneincanada EVERYONE.

    Why don’t you guys start an APP REVIEW section up between HOME and TOP POSTS.
    The competition/sites out their on App Reviews are pathetic. I think it bring in alot of people.

  • iPhone isn’t a strange product in China. They officially started selling iphone 3gs one year ago. Actually, there’re many many Chinese already have the iPhone 4’s’ even before us. I am not too surprised about price over there. However, if you think about the cheapest price, hongkong is the one.

    you know after almost 3 month from the iphone 4, stock shortage just sounds bullshit for me.

  • uncle3

    Once you add the Canadian taxes, then the difference in prices are pretty close.

  • Darrwing34

    been trying to get on in Windsor with no luck, I cannot wait and be there wating for shipment…I do have a job in which i make money to pay for my phone….whats a guy to do???

  • Junk3124


  • Houtan_trip

    Hello everyone! Posted on my iPhone 4! I am happy I waited in line at release.

  • Nice! Me too 😉

  • John

    Funny how the country that produces the product gets to have it last. I don’t know who is worst Apple or the communist!

  • Kerry

    I just think the people who line up outside the Apple stores every morning, buy two and post them CL are scum. I finally got one, by accident, on Friday in Winnipeg. I had called the Rogers kiosk at Polo Park who said they had none, I called their store (in the same mall) who said they had none (this was at noon). I went to the mall at 12:30 for something else, walked past the store and saw 25 people lined up. I asked how long they had been there and most said about 2 hours . . . so the store I phoned told me they didn’t have phones when they actually did?
    Despite the BS I stood in line for about 45 mins, got one and there seemed to be no shortage, or at least they weren’t saying how many were left to the 15 people waiting behind me. Thankfully, lots of people in front of me had crappy or no credit and were refused a phone.

  • Android Canada

    Polo Park? I should try there. I tried a Rogers Wireless in KP but no luck. I even asked them about the Samsung Captivate,…they kept referring me to the Tablet.. : Oi.

  • netskipper

    well, by that it make me more happier for only stand inline for less than 2 hours to get my one on the 4th of august then 🙂

  • Goodweather

    agreed! it makes up the differene

  • Goodweather

    I believe people might as well order online and get it shipped to their house in 3 weeks rather than waiting every morning in front of a apple store, considering they are going for the unlocked ones.

    if they want the carrier ones, then just call their respective carriers, and they will ship it to you in a week or 2…

    I seriously don’t see why people would still line up like that just to get a 2 – 3 weeks earlier…

  • Eason_1108

    totally! including tax, it’ll be almost the same

  • Dave

    I got mine the first day 🙂 someone was nice enough to get one for me who was in the line. I can’t believe they are still short. its almost October already. I love my iphone though, and trust me I have used all sorts of smart phones. iphone is not 100% perfect but its for sure the best one out there in termed of quality and performance. every other phones looks just to cheap and plasticky compare to the iphone

  • Godsmoustache

    Fido will not ship to us and I don’t want to pay an additional 500 bones for the phone, so I am stuck without until I can find a dealer with a Fido iphone 4…

  • Anonymous

    I had to wait over 6 hours inline at the apple store just a few days ago. Glad I was able to get it but the stock was out (they count the waiters) by 7:30am! Glad I made it in time but still ridiculous!

  • Ed

    I got mine the first day, but co-workers who laughed at me for waiting in line are now frustrated because they constantly call Roger’s outlets everyday to hear ‘No iPhones’ or ‘just sold out again’

  • Andyquinn7

    I’ve been waiting since July for Rogers to get them and man I’m getting frustrated… i wake up in the morning pissed off because i can’t get my hands on one! my therapist is really worried about me

  • Lexus4476

    I actively look for 2 weeks from Aug 23 to September 3rd for the iphone 4 and made sure to call stores in the area as I was going around doing my errands etc. I happened to call a Rogers location on route going home and (in fact just around the corner) and the associate sad he had one left. I was able to grab it in seconds. If you are looking to get one through Rogers I’m not sure if it’s different in other provinces but they get their shipments on Tuesdays and Fridays

  • busterX

    This is pretty much the same thing that happened 2 years ago when the 3G came out here, phones were scarce to come by 2 months after the release.
    Thinking about it; this is the same crap we go through when new gaming consuls come out.
    Marketing hype + (intentional) shortage = greater demand (than if there was a good supply of the product)

  • Bg13

    However Rogers will not let you order online and I do not want to pay full Apple price. At least at the Apple store wen they get them they will lock it to your carrier.

  • Tigger59

    So the Chinese who want an iPhone will get one but Canadians, many of us who have been waiting close to 2 months, STILL have to wait. THIS IS SO UNFAIR!

    Why is it that I can get an iPhone for Bell, Telus or Virgin Mobile but I can’t get one for Rogers? I’ve been to so many Rogers stores and retailers as well as a couple of Apple stores., I’ve lost count. Many of these stores are probably sick of seeing me because I go in 3-5 times weekly. I guess I’ll have to spend the $$ and go to China.

  • Tigger59

    Rogers doesn’t take orders online and I’m not paying for an unlocked phone. I’m not switching services because EVERYTHING is with Rogers and it takes them 6 months to a year to figuring out how to fix they billing. Not worth it.

  • Rickii999

    Good for you, but maybe you should get a : learn how to write app!!!!!!

  • Rickii999

    I ordered online and I’m still waiting after 5 weeks…thanks Bell Mobility $%?&*()_

  • Guest

    How does this comment have any value for those who are still waiting?

  • Guest

    Bell Mobility does not ship in 3 weeks….5 weeks and still waiting.

  • Mario Supa

    First I wanted it by any means.
    But now, after few months of asking and getting that same strange look from sale associates, started asking myself do I realloy need it? I could order it from apple store for 800CDN. But no thanks. After all I’d rather pay mortgage rate for that. In fact my old GS is working perfectly, why did I want to change it anyway?

    Screw iPhone 4. Camera? I have pro camera Canon 5D! Video? I have video Sony Handycam HD 1080p. Retina Display…on a little phone? Buzz off! ooooo, our OS doesn’t work well with Flash, so we will banned it. Great. This is a child game, I have no time for little increment in obsolete products. Apple just lost one more customer.

  • Subtaindreamers420

    thank you me unleashed