Designer Imagines ‘iPhone 7’ with Edge-to-Edge Full Display, Flush Rear Camera [PICS]


Martin Hajek is back at it with his concepts on what Apple’s next iPhone might look like, as he collaborated with Business Insider to produce the following images of what he dubs the ‘iPhone 7’.

The next-gen design through Hajek’s eyes would have a full display that goes edge-to-edge, built around the Home button. As for the earpiece, it would be moved upwards to along the top of the display.

As for the free-form display, Sharp earlier announced this year it had come up with new display technology to make it happen:

Check out the images below and let us know what you think:

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Hajek also says he ‘fixed’ the issue of the protruding camera ring on the back of the phone, a design compromise Apple had to make in order to make the phone thinner, while retaining best-in-class camera optics.


  • Jay

    Can just imagine the display providers, seeing the designs for a circular hole cut in the screen for the fingerprint scanner, and being like

  • Supacon

    I guess making concept designs means that you get to just completely ignore the laws of physics and make things that are completely impossible. This dude really has too much time on his hands. I’m not sure why iPhoneInCanada feels the need to post every single thing he whips up here.

  • I added to the post this new display tech is coming as announced by Sharp.

    We feel Hajek’s renders make for great discussion, it’s okay for you to not like them.

  • Made my day!

  • Supacon

    Sort of off topic, I know, but I thought I’d mention an idea I had. What I’d really like from iPhoneInCanada is a special Twitter feed that posts the articles that really are specifically relevant to Canadians. This is the real value that this site has. I don’t think most users get as much much out of reposting the same things that every other Apple focused blog on the planet posts.

    To have a Twitter account that posts Canadian deals, Canadian pricing and availability, or info about Canadian cellular carriers would be really great. Such would tempt me much less to unfollow iPhoneInCanada for posting too many silly things like “Look at this guy that took a hammer to smash his new iPhone! [VIDEO]”.

    Just my thoughts. Hopefully it might be interesting to you 🙂

  • FragilityG4


  • Jake

    I like seeing concepts, even if they don’t work… I’m sure people on Apple’s Design team comes up with these all the time just to talk about how they either work or don’t work and why. Gotta explore everything 🙂

  • Anon

    Large thin bezel displays, thin smartphones and tablets, all at one time were “impossible” and “ignored the laws of physics”. Those concepts are totally possible.

  • Thanks for your feedback!

    Up next: dedicated Twitter account called @CanadianDealsJustForSupacon 🙂

  • Anon

    Here’s a thought. Look at the headlines and don’t read what you don’t find interesting. Posts with specific Canadian content under the iPhone category are few if not rare. Having a special feed that caters to you is laughable.

  • Supacon

    Heh… not necesarily just “deals” per se, but information or news relevant to Canada. For instance, I’d love to know when iTunes Radio launches in the Great White North (if ever). At least if it were “Watch this Canadian guy smash his iPhone” it would be a little more relevant. I’m sure that more people than just myself would be pretty interested in something like this. There are a few million iPhone/Mac users in this country!

  • Supacon

    I wouldn’t call it laughable – I’d actually say that it’s really the point of a website called iPhoneInCanada. I think that there’s a lot of value in narrowly focused information that caters to a specific niche — iPhone/Apple users in Canada — as opposed to a firehose of stuff that mostly isn’t that interesting or differentiated. I am very often tempted to unsubscribe to iPhoneInCanada because of that. I’m sure that I’m not the only person who feels this way, so I felt it might be a useful idea that I could pass on.

  • You should subscribe to the Hot Deals forum at if not already…lots of good Canadian stuff there.

  • Anon

    “Canadian deals, Canadian pricing and availability, or info about Canadian cellular carriers”. There’s already a site that caters to that niche, and it’s called RedFlagDeals, nothing comes close to it. I think the topics found on this site are good, and it keeps me and thousands of others coming back.

  • Steve

    This would be one dead site if was Canadian content only lol. You have to have crossover type content with a wider coverage of subjects in order to get in a few posts a day.

  • alphs22

    The concept showing minimal bezel on the sides is great.

    The one with the screen taking up the whole device just looks terrible.

  • Flash

    Not sure how this phone ignores physics…I don’t like it myself, but it’s totally possible. Do you even understand the word “physics”?

  • mike

    I was going to buy the iPhone 6+ next week, but not anymore. Will buy iPhone 7 when it’s out.

  • Anon

    I actually like that concept that uses the whole front screen. Too much screen real estate is wasted at the top and bottom home button. But I guess it’s all subjective.

  • Supacon

    My comment was more generally about how many of these mockups conveniently ignore the sort of trade offs that must be made in order for a functional product to be made with today’s technology. Perhaps this mockup in particular would be possible some day, but not now. LCD a displays require a drivers on the edges of the screen, and punching a hole clean through a display and having pixels all around it that actually function would require placing those drivers in very weird ways and bridging the electrical connections (an endeavor constrained by the physical properties of materials, hence physics) through or around the button. The complexity of doing this would not likely be worth the trouble just to have a void in the display, and it would probably require much more substantial bezels than are depicted here.