Designer Posts Stunning watchOS 5 Concept With Enhanced Siri Watch Face


Designer Matt Birchler has posted an excellent watchOS 5 that feature many features that could come to the Apple Watch in the future.

Birchler also illustrates how the Apple Watch could handle an always-on display that shows the time. Since the display on the Apple Watch is OLED, Apple could illuminate only the white pixels with the clock and only illuminate the rest of the display with the full-colour complications when you raise your wrist.

The battery life on the new Apple Watch is fantastic for multi-day use, so that means Apple could technically use the power to always display the time.

The concept also illustrates a new Siri watch face that shows off how third-party sources may show up in the Up-Next view. Apple already allows users to toggle sources on and off, however, you can’t add additional sources.

Birchler also imagines watchOS 5 could include improvements to activity monitoring, including sleep which is something the watch currently doesn’t do. Finally, Birchler noted that Apple could introduce podcast support on the Apple Watch, as this is a feature that still isn’t natively offered even though some watch models now have cellular.


  • Joe

    The worst is when I’m carrying heavy groceries (or something else) and I raise my wrist to check the time, but I don’t raise it “hard” enough to trigger the watch. Very annoying! An ambient, always-on watchface would fix that nicely.

  • FragilityG4

    Why not put the groceries down first?

  • mh

    Yes because when you put grocery bags down they always sit nicely upright without toppling over.

    I agree Joe that would be helpful.

  • warpdrive

    A redesign would be welcome for next year…… as long as the 12 watchbands I have now still fit it! Lol.

  • FragilityG4

    They have to be put down at some point.

  • mh

    Excellent observation, you are 100% correct.

  • Flash

    Yes, a low low power ambient setting would be awesome. Even then I find my watch series two has 60% battery at the end of the day and I still charge it daily

  • I would be ecstatic if they would just have an option to NOT TAKE OVER MY AIRPODS.

    I loathe the fact that I have to put the watch into airplane mode to answer the second phone call or to reactivate Siri on my Airpods.

    It drives me crazy that when I am cooking, listening to my audiobook and the timer goes off the Apple Watch disables the book and I need to go to my phone to restart it.

    I despise that I can’t start music playing from my phone via my apple watch any more because it keeps trying to play from the watch.

    I really can’t complain about anything else (merely because I ran out of synonyms for “hate”).

    If they would fix some of that, it would be a huge upgrade.

  • El Cockblock

    First world problems.

  • jack

    lol, you guys are hilarious

  • Kirk

    yeah remote playing from iPhone to watch was a feature Apple had in watch OS3 and I hate the fact that they removed it in watch OS4. lucky I discovered and app that remedies some of that. The feature is there still but apple just doesnt give direct access. Download “Launcher” from the app store and add the watch complication. it lets you add short cuts to albums, songs, playlists..basically a little more flexiblity instead of just the “now playing” thing.

  • Thanks Kirk. I have used Launcher for years to give quick access to WiFi Settings and to home automation functions. I did not know they had that, I will check it out!