Apple Pay Coming to Canada Suggests Quebec’s Desjardins [PIC]


Apple Pay is currently is available in the U.S. and United Kingdom, but many suspect Canada could be the next destination for the mobile payment, with the Wall Street Journal citing a launch possibly as early as November.

New evidence Canada could get Apple Pay soon comes in the form of a screenshot of Desjardins’ comparison of their Monetico Mobile mobile point-of-sale service for merchants.

The following screenshot posted by shows the Monetico Mobile+ option has down Apple Pay as one method of accepted payment, along with regular magnetic credit cards. The screenshot was supposedly taken on August 27:

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Right now on the Desjardins website, only Monetico Mobile and Monetico Mobile+ are listed as options for merchants, so the screenshot above appears to be either an internal memo detailing the third ‘Mobile Flex’ option, or it could be fake. Below is a screen from the financial group’s current website for comparison:

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While the mention of Apple Pay support in the comparison chart doesn’t necessarily mean the service is coming to Canada, it is interesting that somebody wrote it down, which would hint it could be true.

Earlier this week, payment processor Moneris started to provide tips to its merchants on how to prepare for the inevitable arrival of Apple Pay.


  • Cornfed710

    Seems like a good sign ? Pay is coming.

  • awkpain

    Now if only Apple Pay was based off an open standard that could be used by all… then maybe we’d have it tomorrow rather than months/years from now.

  • Skywise

    It is based on a standard, Google’s payment system uses it, as does all tap to pay cards. It’s just the deal is being struck with Canadian banks, who gets how much money.

  • inglish-men

    I dint no Quibek was pat of Canadia

  • Cornfed710

    To bad you have no idea how ? Pay actually works.

  • awkpain

    Too bad indeed.

  • awkpain

    Well then hurry up banks!